Founded on the ruins of the Roman Empire, Croatia has an incredible coastline that combines with mountainous ranges and plains to form a unique harmony rarely seen in the nature.  The country also boasts great history and has begun the process of becoming part of the European Union (currently in negotiations).  Here are the top 5 things to do in Croatia:

Dubrovnik –

Dubrovnik croatia, Dubrovnik, the pearl of the adriatic, croatia



Dubrovnik is commonly called the pearl of the Adriatic and is a city that’s walls have never been breached.  The Venetians and Ottoman Empire tried and failed and the most recent attempt came in the 1990’s when Croatia’s neighbors laid siege to the city and failed.  It is the best preserved wall city in the Mediterranean and has incredible beaches, countless historical sites, great people, and an incredible climate that attracts tourists by the thousands in the summer.

The Dalmatian Coast –

The dalmation coast

The Dalmatian Coastline


With over 1,000 islands off the coast of Croatia there is an abundance of beaches (many of them nude), diving opportunities, and adventure trails all throughout the area.  Crystalline-blue Adriatic waters, forested islands and rugged coastline, red-tiled towns and villages, and friendly Croatians, everything you need to experience in life.

Zagreb –

Croatia National Theater, Zagreb

Croatia National Theater in Zagreb


The most European city in Croatia’s arsenal and the country’s political and economic hub, this is the city that is leading Croatia into the European Union.  The city has an immense about of culture with an abundance of museums and is easily the country’s largest city approaching 1 million inhabitants.  A gorgeous national theater and cathedral, cobblestone streets, and parks line the city will easily steal your heart during your stay.

Split & Trogir –

Palace of Diocletian, Split Croatia, Split

Historical Complex of Split with the Palace of Diocletian

It has the largest coastline of any city in the country and residents of Split have a big heart for their city centered around the remarkable Diocletian’s Palace.  The Palace was built by a Roman Emperor in anticipation of his retirement.  Make sure to see the other historical sites in the city.

Trogir –A cultural paradise with yaghts lining the waters, cafes lining the streets, and a medieval fortress.  There are also unique beaches, plenty of green areas, and islands to view.

Mountains & Central Croatia –

Croatians highlands

Croatians highlands

Gorgeous castles sit on top of hill after hill and monuments line this area of Croatia as well.  Varazdin  is the best preserved urban complex in the entire country; Medieval buildings, Gothic architecture, and important pilgrimage sites.  After that you can scour the coast for hiking and climbing adventures and get great views of the mountains right along the coast.


  1. We are from the US and are going to see Croatia in July to see Iron Maiden and to tour the country!

  2. I loved Dubrovnik (Even with truckloads of tourists!) Such a pretty site but unfortunately I didn’t like the people (well, whom we encountered) I’m half Croatian (Dads side) so I am able to speak it quite fluently – The majority of the time, Staff, waiters and the like we’re saying negative things about us whilst they were serving us! The nerve! I guess I don’t really look Croatian (My mum is Italian & Argentinian! so I have her looks!) It put a bad tatse in my mouth I guess.

    For example – A waiter was pouring a drink for my friend then in croatian said “Look at this girls tits, so small” and I WAS LIKE WHAT! Did he just say what I thought he said?!

    Alas, He didn’t get a tip in the end. When he asked why I replied in croatian “Because I am croatian and understood everything you said” his face was priceless. hahahaha.

    – Kara

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