It’s Time For The Next Adventure: Finally Europe

It’s time for the next adventure!

For years now I have been traveling the world specifically avoiding Europe!

I wanted to visit the most distant places in the world and visit destinations that most people haven’t even heard of.

To be the first travel blogger in the newest country in the world (at the time), South Sudan was my mission.

Getting inside what supposedly was the most dangerous country in the world, Somaliland, was also on the agenda.

From the most remote beaches within Brazil to living in Ethiopia. I wanted to see it all and as fast as possible. Now the focus is more on work.  As a result, we have been able to train more people to make a living in day trading.

Living the life that I live is something truly special.

However, giving someone else that same opportunity, is priceless.

At the end of the day, there is a reason why everyone wants to travel to Europe.  Of the top 10 most visited countries in the world, Europe has 5 of them. Together, these nations garner over 255 million visitors annually. It is an amazing place to explore.

I decided that it was finally my turn.

Map of the world

Map of the world

Lisboa, Portugal

The city of Lisboa has crept up my bucket list, as I continued to hear intriguing things about the city. Every time I would travel around the world, I would hear people speaking about what Lisbon and Portugal in general had to offer.

It has a great historic side and it is situated on the water. There is now a huge buzz due to their new Golden Visa program. It states that if you spend XX amount of dollars, you can legally become a Portuguese Citizen in as little as 5 years.

Anyone have a few hundred thousand dollars lying around?

I wanted to get a good feel for the city and see if my instincts are correct.

Those Portuguese women at the world cup though?

Sagrada Familia

“The famous Sagrada Familia church by Gaudi in Barcelona”

Barcelona, Spain

Barthelona (spelled Barcelona but pronounced (Barthelona)

The city that has always eluded me.  One moment the city is on my good side and the next it somehow rubs me the wrong way.

It’s like when you eat a piece of chocolate.

Then realize it is actually a raisin.

Apparently, the travel gods want me to continue giving it another chance. The folks at Ok Apartment contacted me and offered to host me in one of their apartments, just steps away from the famous Sagrada Familia.

They said I SHOULD give it another chance and that I would probably enjoy it this time around.

I just couldn’t decline the offer.

When I travel I always need time to work. I enjoy traveling, but I also have to make a living day trading. This means that I focus on travel when on the road (and not work) and I focus on work, when I am not traveling. Trying to do both at the same time has become rather difficult, now that I have an army of traders.

One advantage of day trading and traveling is the time frame involved. In order to make a living, a person only needs one or two hours a day.  Most of our traders make a full time income within just 1 to 2 hours per day.

Paris, France

I have reserved the blatantly overrated city, as dead last of places I wanted to visit.

They say one can see the whole world walk by in Paris. The reason is Paris is the #1 travel destination, when you ask most people where they want to go. I wonder if this will be similar to the experience I had in Peru with Machu Picchu.

The same picture has been shared 1 million times online, but once your eyes behold the splendor that is Machu Picchu, you certainly won’t be disappointed.

Machu Pichu, Peru

Venice, Italy

The first time was truly amazing and the second should certainly provide the same experience.

Not much can be said about the food in Venice, other than the Gelato. However, the city is somehow extra special. There is something about the Gondola’s whisking away, as the water splashes about, that just makes one think about life.

And how you want another (insert hand motions) Caffe Latte and Gelato.

Gondolas On The Grand Canal In Venice

Santorini, Greece

I have been extremely fortunate to live the life I have over the last few years.  It wasn’t easy, but I believe most people create their own luck. Chasing your dreams in life and not giving up, allows you to place yourself in the right situation at the right time.

I’ve done more things in 6 months, than most people have done in their entire lives.

I’ve made calculated risks and have been relentless in pursuing my dream. It is not about making a million dollars, it is being able to have my freedom.

Santorini is one of those locations where many people will go for their honeymoon or for their “made it” moment. The pictures of the blue domes overlooking cliffs on the remnants of the volcanic explosion, are just something that makes your imagination wander.

We will see if Santorini lives up to its reputation.

Milan, Italy

Milan will be my home base for the last two weeks of July, as I try to get caught up with work and also plan for the big projects I have lined up in NYC. We are doing a full week of what we call Military Training, with our Master Traders from our sister site,the Day Trading Academy.

This is where we trade live with a group of people, in a one on one setting.

While in Milan, I will take advantage to scout possible locations for our European training in November.  We are planning on having the same Military Training in Europe later on, which will most likely take place in Prague or Vienna.

Although Santorini sounds nice that time of year as well.

That brings us to an end for my European adventure. It will be nice to get out and travel for a bit, after doing so much work in Medellin, Colombia. I also look forward to getting to know other countries in the Latin American region much better, since we are looking to open trading centers in Mexico, Peru, Chile, and Brazil.

Until next time….


  1. Hope you have a great time in Europe! Defiantly agree it’s touristy, and you’re going at the most popular time but most of the time there’s a reason these places are worth it!

    Interested to know what you thought of Maccu Piccu? When I went I was fairly underwhelmed, looking back I wish I had skipped it and spent more time in San Pedro de Atacama instead!

  2. Hi Marcelo,

    what you did with your life is impressive. I am happy that you have finally made it to Europe. I live here – in Sardinia – yet I prefer travelling to what to me are far away places. But Europe is a place of many wanders and I will want to visit them all in due time.

    I hope that in your trip in Europe you make it to Sardinia. You would be amazed at how gorgeous it is!

  3. Hi,
    I love your website!!! I’m Brazilian and go to school in the US, I love traveling and your website has a lot of awesome tips. My question is, I’m in finance, how do you say trade and travel? I REALLY want to do that too!!

  4. Hey Marcello,
    I’ve been reading your blog for the past 3 months and I’m so fascinated how you made it possible to travel the world and earn a living. My dream is also to travel the world after I finish university, but not before I finish paying off my student debt. I just entered my first year and I would love to get in the business of day trading to pay for school and travel the globe.
    I really admire your work and I’d appreciate your trading knowledge. Can you provide me with some tips on how to get started and where I should start. I’ve done some research and I’m still confused by the whole process.
    Thank you,
    Shaila Williams

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