Effell Tower in Paris

There is no city in the world that you can name that provides as much mystic, grandeur, and beauty as the city of Paris.  They say that in Paris you can watch the whole world walk by, have you ever wondered where they came up with that saying?

If you ever ask anyone the top destinations they want to visit at the top of that list is presumably Paris, promptly followed by Rome and London.  While most people don’t fancy the Parisians, the city is incredibly beautiful.

The famous sculpturer Rodin suffered an ill fate freezing to death on the streets of Paris while his sculptures were cozy in the warmth of museums inside.  When visiting Paris if you want to use the restroom you have to buy something at a café.  That’s the reason the why in the summer some of the streets of Paris smell like urine.

During World War II a German commander refused to fight in the city streets or blow the city up as the Americans were approaching, certainly this is due to the charm and beauty of the city.

If it isn’t affordable or you are never able to make it to Paris, fortunately you can get a taste of Paris in almost every continent around the world.  Here is how you can find Paris around the world:

Beirut, Lebanon – The fallen Paris of the near East

This city located in the Eastern Mediterranean had continued its close affinity to the days when it was a colony of France.  A favorite destination of many Europeans and world travelers, its charm continued until the civil war of the 1970’s and 1980’s.

Before the destruction Beirut was known for its fine hotels, boutiques, and cuisine.

The all night cafes were filled with throngs of people who came to enjoy the ambience of a city tucked between the Desert Mountains and the Mediterranean Sea.  The night air would be filled with the perfume of many different flowers and music from many different cultures.  Beirut is the only city on this list that I would not recommend visiting at this dangerous time in its existence.

Buenos Aires, Argentina  – The Paris of the South

There is no place in the world like Buenos Aires, Argentina.  The architecture around the city is incredible to see but is starting to decay.  The European aura in the city is due to the European immigrants that fled into the once bustling city throughout the 19th century.

It will surprise many that this isn’t your typical Latin environment, they essentially are Europeans that speak Spanish as the majority of immigrants are Germans and Italians.  Great food and endless nightlife bring millions of tourists around the world to witness the Paris of the South.

You can also find great deals on Buenos Aires accommodation, take a look at how I lived for $15 a day in Buenos Aires.  With the endless things to do in Buenos Aires make sure you visit before it’s too late.

Old Montreal, things to do in Montreal, Montreal

Old City in Montreal

Montreal, Canada – The American Paris

Montreal is the 2nd largest French speaking city in the world right after Paris.  Although extremely charming it doesn’t have nearly as many sights as Paris.  While Quebec City does have more historical buildings, what is Parisian about Montreal is its culture and it’s dining.

You will find bicycle stands around the city mimicking Paris, restaurants that make your mouth water, and a French tongue that will make you’re in Paris.  Not to be confused with French from Paris, but to the untrained American ear it will sound eerily similar.  Only a short bus ride or drive from the states, all the things to do in Montreal are not to be missed when in Canada.

Shanghai, China – The Old Paris of the far East

What distinguishes this city is its wide boulevards and beautiful architecture built by the Europeans in the 19th century.  In Shanghai China you can experience the flavor of many different cultures from around the world.  A favorite pastime is to have dinner at one of the fabulous restaurants overlooking the sea.  This is one of the main differences in that Paris overlooks a river rather than the Ocean.

Much like Paris and Europe it is very much a city of lights that never sleeps.  The city can be compared to a handful of pearls that have been cast upon the delta forming the vibrant city.  Make sure to check out all the things to in Shanghai whenever you’re in the East.  Although the charm dissipated under the early Chinese communism, the city is now regaining its former title.


  1. These are some great destinations, with Buenos Aires being one of my favorites as well. And growing up in Boston, we took frequent trips to Montreal, so I also agree that this wonderful city should be on everyone's Canadian itinerary!

    And I'm actually heading to Beirut within the next two months, so hopefully I'll be able to report back that the conditions are not too dangerous for travelers…

  2. Hey Marcello,

    How about Budapest, the Paris of Eastern Europe? It is one of my favorite cities in the world.

  3. I think Paris is completely overrated. I went last summer and it was kind of dirty, smelled horrible, people are not very nice. Even though the city is pretty cool, I think its not what I expected as everyone says it is the “Most beautiful place on Earth”, nahh, there are many better places.

  4. Considering Italians are Laton, I’d say BB AA is Latin… The German influence is not that strong.

  5. this is very interesting! I have never been to the any of the’other Paris’, but real Paris in one of my favorite city in the world! Now I’m really curious to see if the others you mention give me the same feeling. I’ll have to check them out!

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