Be careful trying to pinch too many pennies while travelling.  Everyone loves to save money and get great deals but there comes a time when we try to go overboard.  In this post, we talked about general ways to save money when travelling.  If you are checking baggage you may want to consider buying a flight with all the connecting flights rather than trying to buy them separately.  I learned this lesson on my trip to Iceland when everyone saw my fruit of looms at the airport!!

I decided to buy a two leg trip to Iceland with Jetblue and Iceland Air.  On the way back I had a three leg trip: Reykjavik-Boston-New York-Tampa.  I did manage to save a ton of money using a three leg trip (be mindful I decided to go Iceland in a matter of days so my options were limited).  When you check bags and buy different airlines for every flight you have privilege of checking yourself in as well as your bags with 3 different people from 3 different airlines.  Don’t forget the joyous ritual of being felt up 3 different times as you pass through security also.  I personally enjoy it when you get to know the kindhearted and considerate security personnel on a personal level.

On one of the three exciting adventures to the baggage belt, my luggage decided to start jumping hurdles.  It was an elevated baggage claim & my luggage literally overshot the edge and everyone saw my white Speedos (it’s a personal preference don’t judge me).  It took me hours to get everything together and the sweet employee from Jetblue was nice enough to let me borrow tape to put my luggage back together (My Axe spray happened to improve the situation… you have seen the commercials right?)

Point of the story:  Don’t be penny wise dollar foolish, buy good luggage and buy a complete flight rather than individual trips.  An extra $100 or $ 200 just isn’t worth it


  1. How about not being cheap and buying better luggage? Seems like a better tip that buying overpriced plane tickets

  2. Lessa… that is sooo true!! Thanks for the comment! That piece of luggage was on its last leg. I remember though another time I was in Egypt when the luggage actually melted (along with my sneakers). Never seem to have any luck with luggage..

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