Fund Things To Do In Sicily: Godfather Filming Locations

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Church in Savoca where the marriage occcurred

I honestly was never a huge Godfather fan, I have watched all three films and did enjoy them but not fanatical about them.  What I have been more obsessed with is the actual Italian Mafia.  When I was living in Sicily for close to two years I actually ran into the Mafia, everywhere.

The first time was in a cafe where they were, um, “hanging out”.  I actually got to interact with them and they were pretty cool which means they didn’t mug me.  There are a lot of people that are clearly fascinated with the mafia and since Sicily is one of the havens for the Italian mafia you can find them everywhere.

One city that will pop out at you right away is the city of Corleone.  The infamous Corleone family from the movie came from the this city and if you visit it you will be very disappointed.

When I think of Corleone, it reminds me of something dark and underdeveloped.  This of course is the exact opposite as even the movie crew from The Godfather didn’t choose the city because it looks overdeveloped. But you can go and say you have been there, it kind of cool to say that you been to Corleone (thats why I went).

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The beginning of Forza D’Agro

The cities where they did filming in Sicily were Forza D’Agro and Savoca near the very touristy city of Taormina.  While Taormina is considered a tourist trap by any means, Froza D’Agro and Savoca are a much different breed.  Both will be very tranquil and quiet while you explore, makes it feel like there were plenty of opportunities to bury bodies in the area!

Taormina doesn’t allow any cars on its street which is a guide to how touristy it is but the two cities where the Godfather was filmed do allow you to drive up.  In both cities you can view the country side’s and different scenes from the movie in addition to churches.  You can also see the Bar Vitelli where a scene was filmed in Savoca as well.

Both give you a very eerie feeling as you walk around, especially Forza D’Agro.  In the city they have the cemetery at the top of the hill looking over city and you really get a sense of death, the cold winds don’t of course.

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The Bar Vitelli shown in the Godfather 1. Photo Credit: GLanzoni

The best way to see Sicily is to rent a car but that can get very expensive if you aren’t traveling in a group.  Luckily, Sicily has great mass transportation, they have both buses and trains (always late of course).

Fly into the Catania international airport and you can arrive in Taormina in roughly 1 – 1.5 hours (1 if driving).  From there you can easily drive or take a bus to see Forza D’Agro and Savoca.  Don’t forget to check out the other great things to do in Sicily!


  1. I watched all three movies last month, I thought they where quite good. I do recognize that bar, would be great to have something to drink there 🙂

  2. Anybody know the location of Don Ciccio’s villa? It was used twice in Godfather II. Once, in the beginning, for the death of Vito’s mother, and his escape from the clutches of Don Ciccio. And, later, when Vito guts the Don on his veranda.

    No, it isn’t Castello delgi Schiavi, as so many claim.

  3. I’m looking for three film locations from The Godfather Part II.

    1. Don Ciccio’s villa. It was used in the scene where Vito’s mother is killed, and from which Vito escapes. Then again, when Vito returns as an adult and kills Don Ciccio. And, no, it wasn’t Castello degli Schiavi, as so many think.

    2. The small village train station at which Vito arrives when he returns to Sicily, and from which he leaves after killing Don Ciccio and concluding his business with (now crippled) Don Tommasino. And, no, it isn’t the Giardini-Taormina station. That was used in GV III.

    3. The olive oil mill/facility of Tommasino, visited by Vito, where cute little Michael tastes an olive, while held by his father.

    I’ll be there in about three weeks, so any timely help would be greatly appreciated.

      1. Actually, I found the station. The station you mention was only used in GF III, where Michael meets Kay.

        If you Google it, you can actually find satellite images of the station used in GF II.

        It is an old station, having been remodeled/refaced several times since the filming of GFII, and now unused. The tracks are overgrown with weeds. It is the closest station to Motta Camastra, ex-stazione di Gole Alcantara.

        I’ll visit by car in June.

        Any help finding Don Ciccio’s villa would be greatly appreciated.

  4. Saw on another sight that ciccio’s villa was just north of catania in Tonno, acireal area on via vecchia pozillo
    Co ordinates 37.661847 , 15175686

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