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I have been living in Rio De Janeiro now for two months and while I have loved it here I need to do a quick visa run.  What else is there to do than to take a quick trip to Peru & Chile?  After all, I can claim that I have been able to day trade eminis from almost every country in South America including the The Guiana’s that some people have never heard of.

I remember clearly when I was living in Colombia and would tell my Colombian friends that I was planning my trip The Guiana’s (French Guiana, Surinam, and Guyana).  I would often get looks of disgust like I was visiting Mars!

They honestly didn’t know where any of the Guiana’s were.

I would explain its the other countries that start on the other side of Venezuela but I would still get looks of despair, I usually ended the conversation there.

map of south america

map of south america

The idea is to spend 2 weeks in Peru followed by 2 weeks in Chile.   I didn’t get see everything in Chile when I was living there because I kept returning Argentina.  If you didn’t know, from only a tourist’s perspective, Argentina has everything that someone could ask for.  I plan on heading into the south to explore more of the Chilean Patagonia otherwise known as the Switzerland of the south.  Here is what I plan to see in Peru and Chile so if you have any suggestions I would love to hear them!

Map of Peru

Map of Peru


  • Machu Picchu (duh)
  • Nazca Lines
  • Desert Oasis: Huacachina
  • Lima

I only have two countries left in Peru and I am tied between exploring the rest of Brazil or exploring the intricacies of countries like Peru & Bolivia.

I still need to visit the capital city of Bolivia, La Paz, and also Santa Cruz which is hailed to have some of the most beautiful women in Bolivia.

No its not for the women.

I don’t think anyone could visit South America without visiting Machu Picchu considering it is one of the most popular tourist attractions on the continent!

I also will be returning to my former 4 month home in Santiago, Chile.  I am excited to visit Chile again because it is one of the most efficient countries on the continent.  After living in Africa, visiting other backwards countries in South America (cough.. Venezuela & Argentina), and visiting the infamous backwards country of Peru, I can’t wait until I get back to some efficiency.

Since I need reliable internet to continue day trading eminis I am interested to find out what the internet situation is going to be like in Peru.  In order to limit my exposure to bad internet problems  I plan on visiting Machu Picchu during the weekend that way I can be back in Lima by Sunday or Monday and keep day trading.  No I am not trekking to Machu Picchu. I have found an option to have reliable internet around the world by renting office space which I plan on sharing soon.

map of chile

map of chile


  • Santiago (Old stopping grounds)
  • Largest Pool In The World (hour from Santiago)
  • Island of Chiloe
  • Pit stop in Mendoza (Argentina)
  • Torres Del Paine (again)

I have been dying to visit the largest pool in the world about an hour away from Santiago and I am hoping to accomplish that goal on this trip.  I only plan on spending two weeks in Chile but a possible scenario will be to stay longer in Santiago and then make another visit to the South.

We will see how things work out!

Onward to Peru!


  1. I wouldn’t have appreciated Machu Picchu as much if I didn’t do a trek to get there.
    At least as range a $10 ticket for the 40 minute climb up Wayna Picchu.
    Must be done 5 days in advance.
    Also, I didn’t find Peru “backwards” – what makes you say that?

  2. Very nice trip bro! I suggest you can also go to Wine country and Ski resorts at this time of year. I think its like 1 hour in car to both locations.

    I still haven’t been but ive studied both these countries.

    Have a blast!

  3. I believe you can now only get your Wayna (Huayna) Picchu tickets when you buy your regular Machu Picchu admissions. The official website is a buggy disaster and rejects most credit cards. It’s absurd the hoops you have to go through if you don’t book with a tour company.

    I didn’t do the Inca Trail hike and opinions seemed mixed from other travelers. But that was the end of rainy season in March.

    We got enough hiking in at other sites anyway. Gaining altitude was involved in almost everything we did. I really liked Pisac’s and Ollantaytambo’s ruins, and preferred staying in Ollantaytambo to Cusco, which was a little too touristic.

    And I wish I had gotten a mountain bike to see Moray and Salineras and the beautiful back country between them.

    1. Thanks for the info Lauren I appreciate it! I dont plan on doing the hike either… you have to buy the tickets to Wayna Picchu online a few days in advance otherwise you can’t go!

  4. Decisions, decisions. Go to this beautiful country or that beautiful country…hmmmm… LOL! I’m sure that you’ll have tons of fun! Can’t wait to read more of your journey. Happy Travels.

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