Getting to the Airport with Oversized Luggage

If you are the adventurous type and you like to get out there and make the most of your time off work then you might be thinking about taking a holiday that does not have its emphasis on rest and relaxation but concentrates more on the adrenalin side instead.

If you are a keen skier or snowboarder then these types of holidays can be perfect for blowing off that little bit of steam that has been building up whist you have been slaving away at your desk in your office job.

If you own your own equipment and you would like to take it with you then you will need to make sure that you make provisions for travelling to the airport. Skis and sports equipment can prove a little hefty to move around so you would be wise to think about driving to the airport rather than having to struggle getting your equipment on and off public transport as well as your luggage. Trying to squeeze heavy equipment and your suitcase on to the train is a sure fire way to increase your stress levels and is not the best start to your holiday!

If you have your own car or you are going away on holiday with someone who drives then the best option would be to drive to the airport and make use of the airport parking, as this means you will be able to pack the car up with all your necessary sports paraphernalia and not have to worry about finding a spot for it on the luggage rack of the train.

Photo Credit: Jaunted.com

If you do drive then the best thing for you would be to book yourself into safe and secure Airport Parking. This will mean that you will be able to take your car straight to the airport and leave it in either one of the on-site car parks or park a couple of miles away from the airport buildings and take one of the complimentary buses to your terminal building.

If you do have heavy sports equipment with you like golf clubs or skis then you might like to consider getting a valet service that you can book at one of the airport car parks. This will mean that you can drive right up to the terminal building and then you can leave your car with a member of staff from the car park who will then take it away for you and park it in a safe and secure place This means that you will only have to carry your luggage and sports equipment a few yards to check-in and this will keep things nice and simple for you.

There are car park service available at many of the UK airports including Heathrow Parking, Gatwick Parking and Liverpool Airport Parking.

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