In my first road trip across America this actually will be my third move overseas (and last since I’m not coming back to America to live).  1st one was fate as I was born in Venezuela and the 2nd trip was when I moved to Sicily, now its on to Canada!  Before I used an overseas mover that just sent a shipment overseas with all my stuff (including my car).  I did all the research:  looked for car shipping quotes, got a moving estimate, and even looked for international moving companies.  This move was a little different since I was actually moving my stuff to one of America’s best kept secrets, northeast Pennsylvania.  I did all the touristy things including taking pictures of all the welcome signs and moon passing cars (don’t ask, I did get some compliments though).

Castillo de San Marcos- St. Augustine, Fl

My first stop was in St. Augustine, Florida.  Commonly coined America oldest city its actually the oldest continuously occupied European city.  It was founded in 1565 and many call it America first city because it has been occupied ever since.  The Castillo de San Marcos, or Fort St. Mark, is the oldest masonry fort in the United States.

A plantation in Savannah, Ga

They say the best peaches come from Georgia and at never use to believe that.  I would always say to myself a peach is a peach no matter where its from.  But ladies and gentlemen I have to admit that they actually were correct.  Just like the best oranges come from Florida and people who are the most late are Spanish (I have a Spanish family I can say that), Georgia has delicious peaches.  I stopped in Savannah only because a city that is referred to as “The Hostess city” of the United States has a right to be stopped at.  A lot of history in this city from some of the oldest plantations to museums and the architecture itself.  A must see!

Good ol’ fashion graffiti in New York

Nothing would top off an old fashioned American road trip than some graffiti.  I tried to keep this site PG but I suffer from a serious condition when I see this sign, uncontrollable laughter.  A small town on the border of Pennsylvania and New York it has a population close to 14,000.  Ironically enough this was the first case of graffiti that I found in New York State of all places.


Home sweet Home – Northeast, Pa

Many are lucky enough to have a place on the beach and others a place in the mountains.  Some prefer the non stop movement of the city and some even cherish the suburbs.  I am lucky enough to call the American country as a part of my home now, although I am a nomad and move from place to place.  In the falls this is the most beautiful place on Earth. (NOTE: This picture was taken with a blackberry not a digital camera).  I think everyone should have at least one “Great American Road trip”.  Stay tuned for updates of my life overseas, you can see the first part of my itinerary by clicking here.

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  1. We’ve done this road trip up and down I-95 a few times on our trips were from Toronto, Ontario to Tampa, Florida. We love seeing the signs of the different states welcoming us! Thanks for the post.

  2. It’s cool how you planned where you visited based on famous (or infamous) facts. The best peaches, the Hostess State, etc. Also, way to stay on the East Coast! It’s the better coast anyway 🙂

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