Scuba Diving With Sea Turtles In Hawaii

Sea Turtle Hawaii

“Snorkeling With a Sea Turtle in Hawaii”

Diving with sea turtles in Hawaii is an amazing experience and one of our new contributing Wandering Traders decided to send us a hello from a recent trip scuba diving in Hawaii.  If you don’t remember Tyler was the winner of our recent contest to Jordan and he has already become a Wandering Trader in training.

Soon we will be chronicling his travels via his new christened nickname, Honcho Extreme.

Honcho was out filming some of the lava tubes and caves that can be swam through near Sharks Cove, some only without air tanks as the openings get a bit tight (videos coming soon) and showed his softer side by filming some sea turtles for my followers.  Below are some of Tyler’s recommendations for finding sea turtles on your next visit to Oahu as well as a few photos and a video of these graceful swimmers.


Want to dive with Sea Turtles?  It’s easy, watch the video above!

The Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle can be found in the waters around all of the islands and if you find yourself on Oahu and don’t want to miss them take a drive out to the famous North Shore and stop by Laniakea, locally known as “Turtle Beach.”

Lani’s Beach provides one of the rare places to watch these sea turtles come up on the shores to bask in the sunlight ignoring the hundreds of tourist who flock there to get a few photos while the celebrities tan.

Oahu Sea Turtle

“A Sea Turtle Taking A Short Cut Through A Lava Tube”

For the more adventurous traveller rent a set of snorkel gear and swim out from either Shark’s Cove or Three Tables on Pupukea Beach where you are sure to find them.

Keep in mind, summer months are preferred for snorkeling on the North Shore as the famous surf beaches such as Sunset and Pipeline relax as the waves are not in high season. You will find a few places to rent across from the cove and while you are in the area I suggest a “Poke Bowl” from Foodland when you take a break from the water.

Sea Turtles aren’t everywhere in Hawaii but it easier to swim with them than you think!

Sea Turtles eat seaweed and sea grass so be sure to get out just a bit beyond the crowds and explore the edges of the lava fields that shelter the Pupukea tide pools.

Three Tables Beach is an excellent choice for families or those looking to lounge around until sunset.  Snorkeling at Three Tables I have had great luck just on the other side of the landmark formations, having several turtles swimming near me without any of us being harassed by other tourists too lazy to swim out of the protected bay.

Scuba Diving or Snorkeling in Shark’s Cove I suggest hanging around the right side of the cove and if the swells are low that day enjoy a swim around the edge for some fantastic scuba or free diving in the formations near the caves.

Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle

“One of the Graceful Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles we met”

Want to travel Hawaii on a Backpackers Budget?  You’ll be surprised what you can do!

Looking to travel in Oahu on a backpackers budget? It’s tricky but it can be done if you take advantage of these tips. First, look to travel in the off season, unless you’re a surfer that is, as you will find the better swells during the winter months.

After the Christmas season the prices of flights will drop until spring break starts and will spike again May to August as families begin their summer holidays.  September and October will usually allow you  to find cheaper flights and hotels, keep an eye out for specials and promotions looking for last minute bookings.

Second, pack light and use the public transportation system.  Oahu in particular has an excellent public transportation system that will get you across the island for a cost lower than a gallon of gasoline for your rental car. You are headed to a tropical island how many pairs of flip flops do you really need? Go with one bag if possible rather than a few smaller ones so you can catch a bus around the island as you tour. While you may be tempted to bring your clothes for the clubs and bars I will save you some trouble and tell you there is an “Aloha” attitude with a relaxed dress code, even at most places in Waikiki.

Is fresh Yellow Fin Tuna a guilty pleasure of yours as well? Save big on Ahi by visiting the deli section!

My last bit of travel advice for you is to stock up at the store on your vices before you go and food when you get there.  While this is a common tactic used by travelers it becomes painfully obvious in Hawaii just how expensive things can be, not quite in the same manner amusement parks charge ridiculous prices but close.

Sea Turtle

“Another great shot of the Sea Turtles here in Hawaii”

After all, you and the goods you want to acquire had to fly to one of the most remote island chains in the world. If there are everyday items you know you will want in Hawaii try to fly over with them and save a few dollars on the price increases; fair warning do not bring produce and meats due to quarantine concerns.

And since you are on a tropical island smack dab in the middle of the Pacific Ocean the grocery stores have an excellent selection of fresh fish that can be taken with you and eaten raw.

I suggest trying the several varieties of “Poke,”  an ahi’ sashimi popular in Hawaii that can be a meal in itself for a fraction of the price you would pay at a sushi restaurant.

Hawaiian Sunset

“An Amazing Hawaiian Sunset At Waimea Bay”


  1. Hawaii’s a great place to see sea turtles. When I was on the Big Island, I got to snorkel with sea turtles which was one of the highlights of my trip. Great photos!

  2. This was a great experience. The sea turtles look very friendly. Hawaii is one of my dream destinations in my future travel. The island is so beautiful and people are friendly. Magnificent shots. Thanks for sharing.

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