Beware of the herd mentality when travelling.  There is a reason why some countries are successful and why some are not.  This ties in directly with travelling and how to be careful with herds.  Take a look at South America and Africa, there is no order.  And when there are quasi rules in place no one follows them.  This is a great story about how to watch out for herds when travelling!

I was coming back from a trip to South America.  When the flight touched down everyone clapped which is a common theme on trips to and from the entire continent for some reason.  As the plane was taxiing, the captain quickly jumps on the microphone to inform everyone to keep their cell phone off (I was through my third voicemail at this point) and to stay seated.  How many seatbelt clicks do you hear as soon as the plan touches down?  After the captain finishes his message a herd of 30 people jump and try to get to the front of the plane.  It was quite funny when the airline attendant (in Spanish) said “how surprising”.

The plane pulls in to the gate and now the entire plan is standing, everyone is trying to hurry so they can wait.  This is something that has always intrigues me, why does everyone get up to and just stand there?  I of course, am standing with everyone else (everyone’s doing it).  I have a bit of space in-between me and the elderly woman in front of me (she clearly took a bath and made love to her perfume in the airplane bathroom), when out of nowhere a person jumps in front of me.  I know am able to smell a wonderful combination of my favorite hairspray, perfume, and acute body order.

Point of the story:  Try to avoid the herd, it will be less of a headache

Marcello Arrambide


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