How To Find A Cheap Last Minute Cruise To Antarctica

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Congratulations for looking into traveling to the continent that only a small amount of the world visits. You have made it here because you are seriously looking into traveling to Antarctica.

I honestly never looked into it until I traveled to the southernmost city in the world, Ushuaia.  While at Tierra del Fuego I saw signs everywhere about Antarctica and I got curious.  Living in Buenos Aires at the time, I was able to travel throughout the entire country!

There are many misconceptions that you have to be at the office to get the last minute deal which is false.  A last minute cruise to Antarctica could be reserved right from your bathroom with all the information I’m going to give you below.

Bransfield Strait in Antarctica


Depending on where you want to go in Antarctica there are different ports around the world.  The most popular and regular service is out of Ushuaia, Argentina.  Other ports typically have chartered services where you have to reserve well in advance and are typically much longer cruises.  Since the port of Ushuaia is the closest to the continent, high season in Antarctica is November to early February (the summer for this part of the world).

During this time you can walk into any last minute cruise to Antarctica office find a spot on the ship, pay, and board the ship.  I was told that there are patrons that have paid and hopped on a ship hours before it left.  What people haven’t had access to is a list of these cruises to Antarctica offices which I provide below.



While costs typically vary for a last minute cruise to Antarctica, the first thing that you want to do is scour the internet for sales on cruises.  The cheapest I’ve heard was a friend that got a cruise for $2,200 THIS YEAR 2010.  This was a special promotion that a tour company was having, this is not the norm.  The high average is going to cost you $4,000 to $4,500 and the low average is about $3,000 so you can typically look for something right in the middle at $3,500.

It’s going to be extremely rare to find a last minute cruise to Antarctica for $2,200.

Sometimes that’s just the luck of the draw but I personally wouldn’t pay any more than $3500 for the cruise.  Its important to note that there are double and triple rooms.  The cheaper cruises will typically a triple and on your last minute cruise to Antarctica it will be you, your travel partner, and the infamous annoying new guy.

argentina airports, pictures of buenos aires

Boarding the Plane In Buenos Aires


The cost of airfare to the Ushuaia depends on where you are in the world.  Your first stop when you reach the country of Argentina will be Buenos Aires as the majority of routes throughout Argentina have a connection there.  Only two airlines fly to Ushuaia, LAN Airlines and Aerolineas Argentinas.

While my review of Aerolineas Argentinas is still in process I would highly recommend that you fly with LAN simply because everything the Argentinians do is backwards.  LAN is a company based in Chile, the only 1st world efficient country in the world.  I have been living in Chile and living in Argentina so trust me when I tell you which is best.

The cost of a flight is about $300 – $500 high season is the same as Antarctica, Nov to February.

Direct flights are about 3.5 hours and if you have a connecting flight (sometimes 2) lord help you because your luggage will play hide and seek with you.  Unless of course you expect to be reunited with your luggage at the baggage claim. Aerolineas Argentinas typically has delayed flights as well, you can tell how much I love their service can’t you?


For the cost conscious traveler you can take what I consider the most efficient and effective part of the Argentina economy, the bus.  This is not an old Greyhound bus where you have to sit up for over 10 hours.  These are plush double decker, fully reclining, dinner and breakfast serving, wine and liquor offering, wi-fi available, (do I need to continue) buses.

There are no direct buses from Buenos Aires to Ushuaia, you have to connect through a city called Rio Gallegos.  For those with time I’d encourage you to take your time visiting every city In Patagonia because it’s an incredible country.  In order to buy the bus tickets go to the retiro bus station a few days in advance and purchase your ticket.  I’ve always purchased my ticket the day of and never had a problem.

Cruise in Antarctica – Pic credit bigtravelweb.com


Since only 100 people are allowed at one place at a time in Antarctica you want to try and get the smallest ship possible.  If you buy a last minute cruise to Antarctica with a ship of 500 people then your chances are more limited to step on the continent.  Plan for a ship around 90-130 people, the cheapest cruises are normally 10-11 days.

Since we are all cheap skunks when it comes to travel you want to shoot for this time frame because that will be the cheapest cruise.   I will be updating the post with a list of companies that you can contact to obtain pricing for the last minute cruises to Antarctica.  I simply didn’t have time to update it today since I’m on my to the Atacama desert in Chile.  Contact me if you need it and I will send the list 🙂


These are estimates there may be situations with weather where you may spend a bit more time on the open ocean.  The weather in the Drake Passage (route to Antarctica) is very unpredictable.

Ushuaia – Antarctica Peninsula

  • 10/11 days on cruise to Antarctica
  • 4-5 days on water
  • 4-6 days on the continent

Ushuaia-Antarctic Convergence (variation of above)

  • 10-13 days on cruise to Antarctica
  • 4-6 days on water
  • 7-9 days in & around Antarctica

Ushuaia – Falklands Island – South Georgia Island ($12k – $15k)

  • 22 days on cruise to Antarctica
  • 8/10 days at sea
  • 1/2 days at Falkland Islands
  • 2/3 days at Georgia Islands



  1. Nice break down man and will bookmark it later for future use. Can’t wait to see your photos from the trip and your write-up’s about it, as i know I loved it when Uncornered Market went. You going to try and do updates while on the ship? They were able to get free internet access while on their cruise because they had a nice travel blog… might be worth asking or something.

  2. hahahah!! its the penguins!! Ayngelina you have to go to Puerto Madryn its probably one of my favorite places in Argentina. Im just going cuz my plans for xmas were lame! lol. You still wouldn’t go if you got a cruise for $2200? I mean thats pretty cheap

  3. I feel like I’ll end up going to Antarctica eventually just because thanks to my husband, I’ll always have that Chilean connection, and it’s relatively easy from here. Most of the cruises I’ve heard about are luxury cruises that are upwards of $5000 though, so the price has made me think of it as something to do far in the future when we’ve got a bit more money to throw around. It’s nice to hear there are other options.

  4. this is a really great and exhaustive post — I didn’t have time to do it when I was down in Patagonia in 2009, but will make a trip back in the next couple years to spend more time in that great part of the world…. and do one of these cruises. Thanks!

  5. Great tips! I traveled to Ushuaia last year but I didn’t make it to Antarctica. At the time, even $3,000 was pushing the budget. Even though I hate the cold weather, the trip really does look amazing. Hopefully I’ll get the chance to go someday! 😉

  6. Great tips! I didn’t realize that only 100 people were allowed from the boat onto Antarctica at a time, knowing this a smaller boat makes a lot more sense!

  7. Thanks for such an in depth post! I also think $3K-$5K is a little more than I want to spend at the moment, but maybe someday when all my bucket list items have been crossed off! 🙂

  8. Incredible tips here! I would love to visit Antarctica sometime in the future.
    I can vouch for those Argentina double decker buses, some of the nicest I’ve ever been on!

    1. I know a few agencies you can speak to inka to get a very good price, lowest I have heard was $2,200 but that an extenuating circumstance. Cheapest I have heard for last minute deals is $3000

      1. I am very interested in the list of last minute tour operators (I know I’m 6 years late lol)

  9. Hi Marcello! Thank you for this post as we are seriously contemplating making a pilgrimage there next winter. Hopefully the annoying new guy won’t be too bad! Question: What do you do for 9 days on land? Do they shepherd you or are you on your own…

    1. You aren’t on land for the full nine days, it takes 2/3 days to get to Antarctica through the Drake Passage. If there is really bad weather then it will take 3 days to get there otherwise its more like 2. That leaves you with 4-6 days around the continent.

      Typically what happens is the they drive the boat around finding good embark points, if there is good weather then you will be able to go on land and see the amazing sights and animals. You are looking at 4-7 landings ranging from 1-2 a day. When you aren’t going on land then you will be on the cruise ship getting entertained by crew members

  10. Im not a really a boat person and dont think I could take that long on the water. Not to mention the prices I would simply have to wait until I save up some funds before even thinking about traveling to Antarctica. Even last minute is kinda expensive.

    1. Yes I agree with you, one of the things that I have heard ppl do is take a local fishing boat or something along those lines out there.. I dont know if I would be comfortable taking that kind of boat through the drake passage! lol

  11. I happen to be sitting here in Ushuaua today after spending 2 weeks in this wonderful city. If you have some flexibility you can easily book last minute trips here in the city. There are agencies all around the city who post empty seats right before each cruise leaves. You can land, book a trip at a fraction of the original cost, and then enjoy some wondeful days here in the area. There is a ton to do if you enjoy hiking and outdoors.

    Without a doubt Antarctica is worth it!

    1. I wouldn’t agree with you more, the list that i obtained is the full list of last minute operators. You can even find shipping vessels and cargo vessels and get cheaper fares but you wont get any modern conveniences on that trip. Thanks for the comment

  12. Thanks for the great info!! I’m thinking of checking out Antarctica + Argentina in Feb/March 2012 with a small handful of friends from other travels – travel bug epidemic! We’d definitely appreciate the “List” if you don’t mind sharing it, how can I contact you? (the above line was broken when I tried) Cheers!

  13. Prem yes you can get a last minute deal anytime! The closer you get to the departure date the better your chances. Shoot me an email and I can send you the last minute operator list and you can start contacting them soon.

  14. Most of the ships go to the same places like Port Lockroy and Deception Bay where you can swim in Antarctic waters.. You will have an amazing time. I will be updated this section of the site soon with all of the sites to see in Antarctica so you know what you are getting yourself into 🙂

  15. Greetings Wandering Trader, I travel internationally each year and Antarctica will complete all seven continents for me. I live in San Francisco currently and have been doing extensive research about this next quest.  Your information has been extremely helpful.  I will be arriving Saturday Feb 25th and leaving March 8th or 9th. Since it will be late in the season I’m hoping to find a good last minute deal.  I figure it will probably be around $3500…are there any particular days the ships depart?  I figure I will stay at a bed and breakfast called Aijpel once I arrive, since it will be a short stay before I hop on a ship.  Do I need insurance?  Any good places I can buy a Parka or do most cruise ships offer one to purchase.  I figure it will be like a souvenir to remind me of Antarctica. What do you think?  I will probably email you directly also on your gmail account if thats ok with you. 


    1. Hey Drew.. there are generally many departures throughout the week since so many people want to go. You do need insurance I would recommend World Nomads. Shoot me an email and we can talk about sending you the list.

  16. Hi, I wrote to you around a week ago abt Antactica trip in end of december and you never replied my questions, rather I dont even see my question anywhere here?? I liked ur profile on Facebook and wanted to write a message to you but you dont even allow to write messages to you. How do you pick / select ppl n answer their questions? Still waiting for the replies! 

    1. Hi Niti.. your questions may have been caught by the spam folder I looked but didn’t find anything.. I try to answer everyone’s questions on the site.. if you want to repost your questions I would be happy to answer them 🙂

  17. Very informative post. I have always been intrigued by Antarctica. This post has certainly increased my knowledge and understanding. Great work

  18. Hello,
    Good to see your blog. I am currently in Arequipa Peru and will be traveling through Chile and Puenta Arenas for Ushuaia. My arrival there will be late February and I am considering a journey to Antarctica. Some other research I have done suggests tours are available until mid March. Just out of curiosity have you ever heard of anyone working on one of these tours in exchange for passage? I am an experienced kayaker and I would like to do that while in the tour so looking for a tour that offers that experience.

    1. Most of the cruise ships have Filipinos working there.. you may be able to work out a deal where you work for free if you can go on the trips or something but would be hard to find the right contact for that


  20. Hi,

    I signed up for your email list and all I got was a confirmation that I’ve signed up but didn’t get the Antarctica material. Can you send it please?


  21. This is a great blog, thanks! I really want to get below the Antarctic Circle on the Solstice (Dec. 21, 2012). Do you think this is going to be a busy time considering the whole Mayan Calendar thing? I’m willing to wait in Ushuaia if I have to but I don’t really want to wait too long…

    1. The season is highest during that time yes but you should still be able to find a decent deal.. contact the people that I send via the list and you should be able to find something

  22. Hi there
    Could you please send me the list of companies where I can write to to get last minute cruise deals to Antarctica.
    Thanks and regards
    Elizabeth Walker

  23. Hi Marcello!
    Could you please send me the list of companies where I can write to to get last minute cruise deals to Antarctica.

  24. I have signed up for your website emails and have received no emails. I think your website is great and loaded with info. I would like to get a list of departures for the cruises so that i can plan my trip.

  25. Hi there,
    Great info and we are now hooked so trying to find out the best options within an “ok” budget.
    If you got any more info, company contacts or suggestion we would love to recieve it!
    All the best!
    Johan & Simona

  26. I am about to book my New York – Argentina travel for ~5 weeks, late Dec 2012 -end January 2013. Top of my list is tango in BA (at least 2-3 weeks total, but can break up) and cruise to Antarctica (min. 10 days, I gather).
    Suggestions most welcome as to whether to:
    1) any cheap charter flights New York – Argentina
    2) buy all connections vs. intl air and book domestic once in Argentina
    3) What other Argentina destinations to tack on (can do some overland, but not hours upon hours every few days)
    4) MOST OF ALL BECAUSE OF COST….how to plan my dates of travel within the late Dec-end January window, reservations, etc. to try to get cheapest cruise ticket. Traveling as single.

    1. Here you go Maria

      1. The cheapest flights that I have seen are on the airline websites that are large and Argentina, Lan Airlines, American, Aerolineas ARgentinas ( although I wouldn’t recommend flying with them). From New York you should be able to get a direct flight for under $1000.
      2. I would recommend that you buy with LAN and then you can get a South American pass or you could to travel by bus. Do consider that traveling around Argentina if you are going to Patagonia will be 20 hour + bus rides so the flight may be better. Be prepared for strikes and possible flight delays
      3. This really depends on your time frame I would highly recommend the Iguazu Falls, Calafate, Puerto Madryn, and Mendoza
      4. The cruise really depends on what company is offering what, really doesn’t depend on the time of year. cheapest way to travel would be by bus to consider that some flights may be just a little more expensive. If you’re short on time I would recommend flying to further destinations and then doing it by bus if you’re just going to travel in northern Argentina

  27. Wow – much appreciated, Marcello.
    Is last minute booking for a cruise – as I am one person and hope not to pay a single supplement – realistic for January (busy season)? Any companies cater towards ‘dorm’ style bookings (by the bed, rather than the room?)

  28. Hi again – I found a $4000 bed in shared cabin on the Ortelius for a late Dec departure (10 days). Any knowledge of this? Advice in general? Other fave spots in Argentina (happy to talk by phone, if you are available)? …Eager for advice before I book travel, Maria

  29. Hi Marcello and Maria,

    Maybe both of you can help me.
    I am trying to compare itineraries and vessel that go to Antarctica.
    Though, even all the sites write a lot about these vessels, I find very hard to see which vessel would be best for me, very hard to compare. And also the itineraries tell where they go but not so much what they are going to do: how often will there be landings, trips with kayaks or zodiacs etc.

    Could you advise me on how I should make my decision?

    Thanks and regards, Paul

    1. Most of the ships are new Paul so I dont know why you would want to compare the actual ships.. the only thing that you really have to compare is the dorm or room you are going to be in. You can get a suite, 2 person room, 3 person room ,etc.

      The landings dont depend on the ship, they depend on the weather so that isn’t something to consider. All ships that make landings on land have kayaks and zodiacs. The only thing you have to make sure of is that the ship actual does make landings and thats it

    1. The range is about $3,000 to $4,000 with $3500 is what I would shoot for if I were you… its amazing but I have been to many places. Its def worth it

  30. Hey mate,

    Wicked blog! Heading to Ushuaia in the next few days and going to wait it out till I find a well priced vessel! Just signed up to receive your list Which should prove useful! Havent quite received it yet however. Any advice fir surviving in Ushuaia?


  31. Is it still (in 2013/2014) very easy to go to Antarctica without making a cruise reservation? Just fly to Ushaia and walk into a cruise office, pay and hop on board the same day, the next day or 2 days later?

    1. I booked my cruise to Antarctica two weeks in advance.. if you get the contacts that I can send you what you should be able to do is keep in contact with them via email. Its never too late as long as there is space on the ships, thats what the last minute deals are all about

  32. Dear Marcello,
    Thank you for your efforts in providing and sharing your travel experience, you sure made me decide to try to go during this season 2012/2013.
    I have contacted some cruise companies based in Europe and America, for the 10 days deals, They are very expensive specialy that I am late in planing it and I am alone too.
    I would appreciate if A- I can get your list of last minute cruise providers B- if you know if any of them would give good rate for a cabin for one passenger? Or arrange to put me with someone who is willing to share the cabin?

    Thank you

  33. Dear Marcello,
    I am planning to cruise to Antarctica during this season January to February a ten days deal if I can secure your contact list please.
    Since I will be traveling alone, I am open to share triple cabin or double cabin with whoever is willing to as it reduces the deals cost with some cruise providers.
    Thank you for all your help and information provided to us.


  34. Great website indeed here. I too would like to receive your mail with agencies that do last minutes. I could be in Ushuaia next Friday. Or postpone that a little.

  35. Thanks for the great info, Marcello. I want to receive your list of last minute tour operators as well, and your newsletter. Many thanks !

    Steve Kaiser

  36. Marcello,
    Any agent can be recommended to me, while I will be in Argentina in coming Jan 2013?

    Thanks in advance.


  37. Two of us are travellig to Argentina soon from NY. Looking to take up Antartica Expedition voyage 10-11 days in 2013. Any ideas.

  38. Hi There,

    I’m researching Antarctic cruises for the 2014 season (early I know but early bird and what not) and it looks like your blog is a wealth of knowledge. My main questions are;
    Has anyone you know simply rocked up to the boat a few days before departure with cash in hand and gotten “special” deal? I’m sure this isn’t a new idea but I’m interested in whats the culture like for stuff like that? Is it worth the risk or loosing out?

    1. Josh, yes walking up last minute has been done that is why they call it last minute deals. I bought mine about 2/3 weeks before the boat left all online but there are many people that do that just days ahead of time. Still would recommend contacting the people that I have on the list to stay in contact in terms of what is available and what isn’t

  39. Hi! I am so much interested to take the Antarctica tour! But i don’t want to get caught up by booking online. I want to pay in cash when i reach the sales office. Does it sound too impossible?
    Thanks and happy new year!

  40. two of us are travellig to Argentina soon . Looking to take up Antartica Expedition voyage 10-11 days in 2014. and We have a 12 year boy. Should We need buy three tichet?

  41. Hi Marcello,

    I am keen on the cruise to Antartica peninsular … appreciate you forward to me the contact list…
    One question …. are there cruises running in late April /May 2013???


    1. The cruise season ends in March Chanykin, as far as Im aware it starts back up again in November. The ice crusher ship was taken back by Russians so its harder to run trips in the winter (Dont think anyone has in the past) and further into the interior. Most trips go only to the peninsula

  42. Hello,
    Would the last minute booking work for a December departure date? I have 2 weeks off for Christmas from work and that is the only time I can go. I have noticed that time to be the most expensive. Do you know if it tends to be completely booked during that time?

    Also how bad is crossing the Drake passage? Did you become very sea sick?

    1. It would absolutely work then that’s actually the peak of the Antarctica season and one of the best times to go. The availability really depends on the ships the reason they are last minute discount priced deals is because the operators need to fill the boats up. The cheapest times would be earlier in the season around beg of December and after January. Drake passage really depends on the weather. Sometimes it can be really bad and sometimes it can be alright. The weather in that part of the world is very erratic.

  43. Hi Marcello

    Could I have the list of the cruise companies from you, thanks. Currently l found online but they are all rather expensive.

  44. Hey there

    just stumbled across this website.
    I live in Cape Town South Africa. Do you know of any trips from here to Antarctica?

    1. If Im not mistaken the most common trips are from Argentina and New Zealand but there should be one or two from South Africa as well. I would look into the large cruise companies and they definitely will be able to let you know.

  45. hello marcello,

    I’m from Singapore and would like to enquire is there any idea how should I plan my trip from here to antartica. and would the cost price still be as cheap? and would I able to go antartica with a budget of $6000? thanks for your time! much appreciated (:

    1. Cheapest I have seen the Antarctica cruises is roughly $2500 to $3000. Really depends what is available and what time of the year you are going as well.

  46. Hi Wandering Trader

    Have read the ideas you have on this site with interest, and wonder if you might be able to send the contact address for the travel ideas you mention for Antarctica & newsletter.

    Many thanks

  47. Hi Marcello

    Is it possible to book a trip from Ushuaia for mid or late January 2013 in advance ? How much can it cost approximately. And is it a good time to go there? I already signed up for your newsletter.

    Many Thanks


    1. The prices depend on whats available.. the best thing to do would be to contact the companies on the list and they can let you know about availability an prices. They were a great help when I was contacting them


  48. Hey, Marcello! This is an excellent website; thanks for putting it together.

    I have two quick questions:
    1. How often do cruise ships generally depart from Ushuaia? Is it usually one per day?
    2. Are there any cities in Chile with prices comparable to Ushuaia?

    1. David there are lots of ships I would imagine there is are departures everyday or at least every other day. Puerto Natales is a place where they have some ships leave from but what I understand they have started flights into the Antarctic as well.

  49. Hi,
    Great website.
    I plan of going to Antarctica around February 2014. I’d like to take the longer cruise through Falklands and South Georgia Islands. I want a 2 person cabin with bathroom and window. How much should I expect to pay for a last minute deal? Where I find these deals?

    1. I would estimate anything between $7k to $12k for that trip Shane. You can sign up for the last minute operators list and you can contact all the companies directly. I give the list of companies out for free.

  50. Hello Marcello,

    I have been following your site and the comments for about three years. Its very interesting and I am now in a position to go on a trip to Antarctica having saved up some cash.

    I have been talking to some specialist UK agents but quite like the idea of doing it all myself.

    Could you send me your operators list please.

    Many thanks in advance.


  51. I’ve e-mailed a bunch of the contacts on the list of operators you provide. However, I have not had much luck. The departure dates seem limited and the discount is not near the figures you quote above in your post. Do you think is worth the risk of going to Ushuaia and inquiring there? I have the time to do so and don’t mind waiting around a few weeks. Do you still think the prices will be around the $3500 – $4000 mark even in 2014 or can we expect the prices to have risen?

    1. You will be speaking with the same people that are on the list Izzy. That is how I was able to get my trip by speaking with them and staying in contact with them. The $3500 to $4000 is the absolute lowest that you will find but that will not be average. The average would be roughly $4500 to $5500 or so.

  52. Hi,

    I signed up for your news letter yesterday and have still not received the last minute cruise list for Antarctica. Please let me know how I can get it. Thanks.

  53. We are in Ushuaia now and were unable to get a cheap last minute cruise (feb 2014).

    Prices now start at $3,900 for a basic itinerary pp and go up. We wanted a crossing the circle one and it was sold out, but otherwise over $6,000 at the last minute price! Another that does some base camp stops but still only 5 days in Antarctica (short) was also over $6,000 per person.

    The basic one for $3,900 is over a week away and has a waiting list of people on it. There was a good one that also goes to nearby islands and ends in BA that was $5,500 but was too far away and logistically not good for us.

    I fear the good last minute sales are no longer possible with the economy upswing. We could have got that same price on a quark 50pct off sale on black friday, but was too much for us. Saving for next year!

  54. I’m just finding this set of posts. Is there an update for 2014? We’re interested in this trip in Feb, 2015. What trends might you or anyone else be seeing?


    1. Steph if you sign up for the email newsletter you will receive the list of companies to contact and they can let you know about availability, etc

  55. I understand that last minute deals are typically available during non-peak season.
    We are planning to travel in Dec-2014 and since that is a peak season,any chances of these last minute deals during this time ? Were there any discounts last year for the Dec departures ?
    Thanks !

    1. Dave there is no “non peak season’ in Antarctica. Non peak basically means it’s winter and most people do not go to Antarctica in the winter (our summer above the equator). The last minute cruises are offered during peak season which is between late Nov to late Feb.

  56. WanderingTrader,

    We are 4 in our family who wants to take a trip to Antarctica. Would it be difficult to find 4 last minute tickets? I assume it is easy to find single last minute seat.


    1. As long as you are willing to possibly go in different bunks I don’t see why now Munzer. It obviously is harder than finding just two but I think they are available.

  57. Hello Marcello,
    We (2) are planning on an Antarctica cruise and would prefer to cross the Antarctica Circle if the price is right. Would it be too late for the last minute cruise price to travel between 2014-15 or would you recommend waiting until the year after. Thank you for this site. Look forward to getting the list of operators for the last minute cruises.

    1. I don’t any itineraries or schedules. You would need to speak with the cruise operators they can give you all of the information you need in regards to that.

  58. Hey. Your information has been so helpful. Im going to be in Rio for Carnival then looking at doing an antartic cruise sometime after that. Would it be possible to get a list of the operators for the last minute deals. Cheers Kylie

  59. Hi,

    Thanks so much for the information, we were going to miss out Antarctica because of expense but after reading this you have changed our minds!! Please can we get a list of the operators?

    Kind Regards


  60. Hi,
    I signed up for your newsletter and awaiting the list, but in the meantime –
    I’m finding prices in the $5,200-$5,500 range for Antarctica November 2015. Is it worth just buying now, since you said the prices are going to be between $4,500 and $5,500 for the next season?

  61. Can you send me the list of last minute Antarctica cruise providers please. I’m planning a trip to Argentina and would like to explore the possibility of including Antarctica if I can find something affordable.

  62. Hey

    its nice to read, but i dont anderstand, were i shoud find a trip fore a better price.
    yes, i am not english speaker from birt,
    i want to do the trip tro Ushuaia – Falklands Island – South Georgia Island

    and allso what you think is a fere price fore that trip

    have a nice day

  63. Hi bro,
    Great article really informative.
    I’m thinking of going in November 2016
    Your article is a great starting point.

  64. looking for budget trip to Antarctica for 2 active seniors living in Wisconsin. 2-3 weeks total with travel time and some days on each end in Argentina or Chile.

  65. Interested in a suggestion for a cheap Antarctic tour in late 2015 or early 2016 for a couple (middle aged)

  66. Thinking about taking a trip to the untouched continent of Antarctica. Please put me on the email list to get the “cheap” cruises. Thank you very much!

  67. Interested in doing Ushuaia-Antarctica cruise with my son in Jan-March 2016, but not wanting to pay $5000+ per person!

  68. Hi, thanks a lot for the info,
    I am from india, looking for a short cruise trip to Antartica,
    A solo traveller and shoe string budget, can you recommend a budget cruise, name etc
    From ushuaia, falk islands, antartica and back to ushuaia
    Have been to punta arenas and love the patagonian side,


  69. Thanks for your help to find a cheap opportunity to Antartica.Do you think that I could find for this november/december 2015 an opprtunity to find a last minute cruise to Antarctica (the smallest ship possible) where is surely to step on the continent bettween $2,200 and $3,000? Please could you indicate me which are/is?
    Do you think that is possible start the cruise from Chile instead Ushuaia?
    The programm that I appreciate could be:
    Ushuaia or preferred Chile – Antarctica Peninsula, step on the continent.
    10/11 days on cruise to Antarctica or also 8/10 days on cruise
    4-5 days on water
    4-6 days on the continent or also 3/5 days on the continent.
    All to reduce the amounting.

    Do you think that could be possible arrive to a scientific station permanent based on Antartica?

    I’m interested also to receive from you also a list of companies that I can contact to obtain pricing for the last minute cruises to Antarctica

    Many thanks in advance for your kindly help.

  70. Wow! I’ve just been watching Angry Planet and it was about the Antarctic and cruises that go there.
    Your correct about everything that I’ve just watched and bravo on being so kind to offer information to allow normal people like me the chance of getting to Antarctic without being ripped off with silly prices. Ok, this site was set up in 2010 and no doubt the prices have increased. But if your talking about $3000 US for the cruise in today’s money well that’s a figure I’m happy to pay. I take it you would need to purchase all your warm clothing and boots for the trip?
    The only other thing I’d need to purchase would be the cost of flights to The Argentine Capital and transfer to the port that I can’t recall but starts with a U. From my home which is London UK.
    I will sign up to ththe news letter once I hit submit for this comment. A big thanks again for taking the time to share and I hope it’s something I can plan for in the next 12 months.

  71. Hi, we will be travelling in Chile and Argentina in December 2015. Until now I have planed just the first 4 days of my trip. I ‘m planning to fly from Punta Arenas to Puerto William and the going to Ushuaia. But didn’t book anything yet, because I’m still thinking. My dream will be to go to Antartica, but I always looked and found the cheaper trip at 6’000 US. Do you think I could find a last minute cruise from Ushuaia or Punta Arenas for cheaper. If I fly to Puerto Williams on December 12, I should be able to make it to Ushuaia on December 12. If I do not find a cheap cruise ,I will continue my roard to El Calafate and back to Chile at the end of December. The antartica will be for another time.

  72. Hi! Yes it´s a really amazing experience!! A friend of mind could get a really good last minute deal with the company in Ushuaia, Rumbo Sur. Their staff is really friendly and helpful.
    Good luck!!

  73. Marcello, Thank you so much for all the information. I have traveled to 29 Countries. Most of which were via my service in the US Air Force. That said I have done a ton of traveling on my own. Recently went to the Galapagos, (Like your GPS blog too) and Quito and over to the Amazon. For some private reason I sat down and actually wrote a bucket list. Antarctica is next. I have been researching for a year. Came across your blog and keep referring back to it. Great information. I work on the Arctic Ocean now. Have a great schedule that allows me lots of time off. SO the PLAN: I am going Feb 2017. Buying flights beginning this Feb – 2016. This is what I have in mind. Fly to Buenos Aires, spend a few days there. Bus to Ushuaia. Spend a few days there (I Must golf the southern most golf course in the world). Catch a cruise (10-11 day) to Antarctica. Back to Ushuaia and fly to Santiago. Spend a few days there. Then off to Rap Nui for a few days. Fly back to the states (I think via Columbia) I will stop by :-). Finally back to the States. I will have your required reading book marked for my stops. All in I think its about $50K. So may need some day trading advise too…

  74. Hey! Do you know where should I buy the cruise/boat from? The $2200 sounds awesome, if you could suggest where I should look it up!

    Great tips btw.

  75. Hi Marcello,

    First of all thank you for sharing your amazing travel experince and even amazier life story with us. We plan to go to antartica in January 2017. Of course I signed up for the newsletter and I’ve received the list. After browsing some of the travel agecies my conclusion is that we have to go to Ushaia ans try to book there because of you book now you will pay bingo prices. We come from Amsterdam and we want to book a one way flight from Buenes Aires to Ushaia and a hotel for the fist 2 Nights and see what we can do. Do you think that it’s doable? Will we encounter problems because of the high season if we need to find a room for more nights or a flight back to Buenos Aires?


    1. The companies provided give you all the list of cruises. They obviously change over time Irene. The closer you get the more likely you are to find cheaper prices but that doesn’t mean that you have to physically go there.

  76. Great info! Do the smaller Antarctic cruise ships have triple rooms? If so, can a family of 5 (adults plus teens) book one of those rooms? Also, please send me the cruise operators list-Thanks!

  77. For example: i have licence for boats. What do you think about rent a boat in ushuaia and drive to antarctica?

  78. Hello Marcello!
    Big fan of your website! I signed up for the newsletter, but the last minute Antarctica deal information part of the newsletter was in a PDF behind an adware hotlink (maybe that was the problem). Is it possible to get the information in a text format without the PDF and/or adware hotlink?

    1. Hey BV thanks for the note… the pdf is loaded on the site and shouldn’t have any bugs. Afraid the only way would be to download it from the site. I’m 100% sure there are no viruses on it. You can try to download it on your cell or something along those lines and then forward it yourself.

  79. Hi Marcello,

    Antarctica is one of my dream destinations and you have made me feel that it is not an impossible trip. But 3000 bucks still seem a bit scary. Do u think if I somehow manage to reach Ushuaia and roam around for a while, I can find a cheaper last minute trip?

    1. We are a party of two looking for lodging in Ushuaia in mid December, we are flexible and can wait a week or two for a good price on a boat to anartica.
      are we going to have difficulty finding 2 week lodging in Ushuaia, Do we have a good chance of getting to Antartica on a small boat. Can you please send me information on this time period.

  80. Do you have any information on cargo vessels? I researched a ton of blogs and most of them said you could get a cruise for $3 to $4500. Now I’m in Ushuaia, and the last minute cruises are all atleast $7000. May I have your list as well?

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