How Traveling is Breaking My Heart

Petting a cheetah, petting cheetahs

Me petting Cheetahs in Livingston, Zambia (Africa)

Traveling around the world sucks, literally

I can’t even begin to organize all of the thoughts, pictures, people, weird things I have put in my mouth, and unique things that I have experienced within just the last 6 months let alone the last year.

This site was only meant to be a traffic generator for a day trading company I was providing my services to and it has turned into my own form of addiction about traveling the world.

Instead of spending a few months relaxing and catching up on things, my travel itch has been on 150% overdrive. The mind wasn’t meant to experience so many things at once.

That’s why drug addicts overdose and die

I left my heart in Colombia with all of the genuine people I met and the friends I made and then my trip to Israel had to mess things up!  Israel showed me just how cool they can be too.  I have a feeling I will be returning to these two countries not to visit, but to live, at least for a part of the year.

And what can I say about all of the countries I haven’t explored?  Asia and Australia are a complete mystery to me other than the fancy Australian accent I always try to mimic (it works, sometimes).  There isn’t enough time to travel back to the countries that I have fallen in love with and travel to new ones:

Menage a trois anyone?

I can’t begin to explain all of the people that I have met throughout the all of my travels as well.  My circle of friends (and Facebook acquaintances) has turned into a colorful Fruit Loops bowl of cereal.  Who doesn’t love Fruit Loops?  There are so many places that I want to visit and so many people that I want to see that I can’t decide whether to keep on exploring new worlds or simply take a break.  Taking a break would be the responsible thing to do and we all know that I am the last person to be described as “responsible”.

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Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia

In order to not make it obvious I will pretend that I have met a harem of beautiful women around the world even though there is only one that I continue to think about.  A wise man once told me that when you love something you let it go, if it comes back then it was meant to be.  Who the hell wants to throw away something they love anyway?  You see kids putting down their milk and cookies? I don’t think so. And why don’t they have milk and cookies in Africa anyway?

penguins in antarctica, port lockroy, antarctica, port lockroy antarctica, pictures of antarctica, pictures of penguins, penguins photos, penguins pics, things to do in antarctica

Admiring the View of the Penguins in Port Lockroy, Argentina

On the flight to Lusaka, Zambia there were showing a movie that really made me think about all of this.  The bus ride from Lusaka to Livingstone (where the Victoria Falls are) made me think do I really want someone that close to me? Like a 300 lbs (136 kilos) 6 foot man that requires you to pretzel around your two bags since you don’t want them stolen by placing them in the belly of the bus.

So traveling sucks, but only because of the so many amazing things that you find in the world.  It’s no wonder why I get emails on a daily basis from people asking how they can do the same thing I do.  I keep remembering how I always take “that picture”.   The one that makes you look back and say, “wow I’m never going to take a picture as good as this one again”, only to take another one that’s even better 3 months later. Pause.


  1. Great post. I’ve been addicted now for almost 15 years. It breaks my heart more when I am not doing it. Travel is seriously an addiction, but it is a good one. You can only grow in positive ways. Keep on going and you will soon find the perfect woman who will become addicted with you

    1. thanks for the comment! Its weird because I have been traveling all of my life so its something that I have gotten accustomed to. Definitely places that I will return to and live in for a while!

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