Guide to Iceland Sightseeing Tours

Iceland is a massive country and if you want to see everything you either have to rent a car or take Iceland sightseeing tours.  Considering the cost of gasoline and renting a car, Iceland tours become much more feasible.  The most popular of are Golden Circle and South Coast.  Due to the aftermath of the volcano that left European air commutes comatose for a few weeks a new volcano aftermath tour has emerged as well.  If your considering working from Iceland you read my review about working overseas in Iceland.  Here is your guide to Iceland sightseeing Tours:

Conversion rate used as of July 19th 2010: 1 US Dollar to 122.50 Iceland Kronar

Golden Circle Iceland

Golden Circle is THE most popular tour that everyone takes when visiting Iceland.  Prices may vary from $72 to $270 and the entire tour generally takes 7-9 hours.  Many times operators will take longer to accommodate the travelers.  You can decide if you want to go via bus or jeep.  The jeep excursions are more fun but more expensive as well since they take you out on the glaciers.

Main stops always includeThingvellir National Park,  Gulfoss Waterfall, and the geysers at Haukadalur

Optional stops: Kerio volcanic crater, city of Hverageroi, Skaholt Church, and Nesjavellir geothermal plant


South Coast Iceland (Glacier lagoon optional)

The South Coast tour runs along Iceland’s south shore and is the 2nd most popular tour in Iceland.  Many tour operators package this tour together with Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon.  Prices vary from $120 – $300 depending on whether you add extra tours.  The South Coast tour can take anywhere between 9-14 hours depending if you add the glacier package.

Main stop include: Seljalandsfoss and Skogafoss Waterfalls, Reynisfjara shore, and various small villages

Optional stops: Kerio volcanic crater, Jokusarlon Glacial Lagoon


Blue Lagoon (combinations available)

Blue lagoon is one of the most popular things to do in Iceland.  The actual Blue Lagoon itself only takes a few hours and costs $25 – $50.  Many smart tourists combine this trip with other activities such as an airport drop off or a combination of other Iceland sightseeing activities which together lasts an entire day.  The combination tours vary from $100 – $200.

Main stopBlue Lagoon

Optional stops: Jeep tour, geysers, and airport


Glacial hikes & 4×4 tours

Many tour operators offer to take you off roading on glaciers and provide boat rides onto the glacier lakes.  Another popular Iceland tourist attraction is walking hikes on the actual glaciers themselves.  I recommend both!  Prices vary from $150 – $320 and the these tours generally take 9 – 11 hours.  This tour may include different areas of Iceland, the most common is Snaefellsjokull National Park.


The Northern Lights

This is what most people come to Iceland for.  The most popular things to do in Iceland, it only takes one night to do.  Sometimes you have to take the tour twice because The Northern lights wont appear.  Be sure to arrive between the months of March and September (those two months are actually best).  Prices vary from $30 – $70 and the length can vary greatly since the Northern Lights can be unexpected.  Most times the tours last only a few hours.

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