Icelandic Cuisine: Do you know what a PUFFIN is?

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Cute and Delicious

A Puffin is a sea bird that is a cross between a penguin and a duck; cute, colorful, and full of feathers.  If you are an environmentalist or a vegetarian please stop reading this blog post because I am going to talk about how delicious they are to eat!  Not only did I try puffin, I was able to try whale as well (female whale to be specific).  I tried it both smoked and raw since I am an avid fan of sushi.

Every time I travel abroad I always like to try some of the authentic dishes from the country I am visiting.  Ironically, I sat next to an Icelandic native on my flight from Boston.  I was very excited to hear about the “authentic dishes” they serve in Iceland.  I was sadly disappointed however, when he stood up with excitement and proclaimed I had to try the hotdogs.  Who wants to try a hot dog when you have heard THIS COMMERCIAL for over ten years in the United States?  Sorry I had to its an American classic.

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Plate of Whale & Puffin

If you have read my other posts on travelling, I like to have a kitchen to be able to cook food and also try new things! By coincidence, we did end up eating a lot of hot dogs at the local store (for my Latin readers at the bodega!).

In Iceland they make the hot dogs with a combination of pork, lamb, and beef.  They taste like American hot dogs just have different toppings.  And it isn’t the good German sausages either, its the good ol limpy American dogs.

Hot Dog Stand in Iceland

When in Iceland, I would recommend stopping by Matsedill.  Be prepared to be shocked by the price (whale is not cheap) and the portions (you are in Europe).  I would still recommend you try both because you always have to experience everything once.  And don’t forget to order an Icelandic classic: Fish and Chips.

While eating is one of the things to do Iceland, there are also other great tourist attractions in Iceland.  Check out our Top 5 section for more things to do in Iceland and around the world.


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