Madame Wandering Trader Chronicles: Onward To Khajuraho

We traveled on an overnight train to Khajuraho, it was very uncomfortable and unpleasant experience, we tough it would be fun for the experience, unfortunately it didn’t worked out that way.

Once we arrived to Khajuraho, our world totally changed!

The drive to the hotel was absolutely beautiful, it was very cold, more than we had been in the other cities, but very green and pleasant. There was an atmosphere of incredible peace there unlike what we experienced in Varanasi.

Lalit Temple View Hotel

Lalit Temple View Hotel – You can see the temples in the background

The Lalit Temple View Hotel that we arrived into was the most beautiful hotel that we had stayed yet. After a warm shower and a delicious breakfast I couldn’t help staying outside by the pool surrounded by the beautiful grounds, breathing the fresh, pure air under the most incredible blue skies.

There were local artists around with musicians playing local music, I felt a bit closer to heaven.

Our mission in Khajuraho was to visit the Western and Eastern Temple.  I just had a feeling that it was going to be spectacular. We were at walking distance from the Western Temples, the area was clean, there was plenty of space to walk around and I felt so much safer and at peace here.

The Temples were just like I imagine them, spectacular!


One of the Khajuraho Temples

It was surreal to see these incredible buildings and imagine the process of building them, every building had a reason and a purpose and belong to a specific God and belief, it was just fascinating to hear the stories, learn their history and even try to relate.

Even at this time of the 20th century we saw many workers taking care of the grounds with so much pride.

Most of these grounds were being  maintained by hand, if it is something you can imagine, yes, they were cutting the grass by hand, mind boggling!

We were so impressed and felt so grateful for this experience that decided to quickly go to the Eastern Temples before the end of the day.

Khajuraho Temples

One of the Khajuraho Temples at the eastern set of temples

We looked for our favorite method of transportation, the Rickshaw and off we went. This area was much more smaller, but still felt very warm and comfortable to be around, at this point all temples started to look alike, there were so many of them, and to my surprise, they were in very good condition.

We walked around enjoying the most beautiful sunset around the temples.

We had a guest accompanying us to this temples.  He rode with us in the Rickshaw and took the time to visit with us as long as we visited his tourist shop on the way back to the hotel.

We were ready for looking around and it was great to see local stone work being done at the location of the shop.  We got back to the Hotel probably close to midnight, with incredible art, statues and jewelry!

India Craftsmenship

One of the pieces that my son bought

I loved this city and will forever treasure my Indian Moon earrings my son bought for me!  He bought to massive head busts and we even had to purchase a new carry on piece of luggage for him to get it all back.

A piece of this town still stay with me. I could really feel my spirit getting closer to our main purpose of the trip.  As we went to bed our hearts were racing, next stop, Agra, the Taj Mahal….

I couldn’t wait


  1. Khajuraho, is widely known for its erotic sculptures and carvings that have been dotted in the age old temples, dating back to the 11th and 13th centuries.

  2. Khajuraho Temple in India were built between 950 and 1150 over 200 years. They are made up of sandstone using megaliths unlike Petra whose architecture is rock cut. Petra could be compared to Ajanta and Ellora Caves in India which are also rock cut caves. The only common things between these three sites is all of them are listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site.

    It’s good to know that you had a fantastic time in Khajuraho. The temples are really awesome. Photos look good.

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