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Things I didn’t like about Traveling To Israel

Israeli Stamp on passport, isreali stamp

My trip to Israel was nothing short of amazing and the one reason that I was invited to the country was to experience it.  The only thing that was asked of me by the Once In The Lifetime 2.0 Crew was that I talk about my experience in the country.  They didn’t ask to talk […]

Tel Aviv: The New York Miami Beach of the Middle East

Graffiti in Tel Aviv

My trip to Israel wouldn’t have been the same if I didn’t experience one of the world’s renown cities for both nightlife and financial prowess.  While Jerusalem may be the cultural & political center of Israel, Tel Aviv is the blood that feeds the veins of the country.  TeI Aviv is nowhere near as large […]

The Kibbutz Experience: Israel

Picture of the Kibbutz

Shabat Shalom said the man.  I was still trying to learn other Hebrew words in Israel to expand my complicated language skills, I was already starting to mix Swahili with Hebrew.  We were headed to a Kibbutz to have dinner during Shabat which is the Jewish version of Sunday.  Normally, only members of the Kibbutz eat […]

Exploring the Religions of Israel: The Druze

Druze women

The Druze is the second religion that I encountered that I had no idea existed on my trip to Israel.  I connected immediately with the Bahai Faith but the Druze religion has a few aspects that I found complex and rather unusual.  We were able to spend an evening in a typical Druze village and restaurant […]

Traveling to Israel is like Colombia, Sababa Parce!

Colombian Men

I didn’t know that two countries that were so different could have so many similarities.  Both countries happen to be bordered by 5 countries and have a great coastline.  While I didn’t get to explore the coastline in Israel, be aware that the Colombian Coast is the land of hustlers.  It isn’t so much the […]

Exploring the Religions in Israel: The Bahai Faith

Bahai Gardens Temple, Bahai Gardens

There were some very exciting things that I did on my trip to Israel like doing back flips into the Jordan River and scuba dive with Dolphins.  There was also very interesting aspects of religions and culture that we were able to learn about.  Two of those religions that I learned about most people haven’t […]

The Big K & Israeli Backstreet Superstars

tour group in Israel

One of the things that I love about traveling is meeting different types of people from around the world and interacting with them.  My trip to Israel included roughly 10 or 15 Israelis otherwise known as our babysitters, 2 women from China and Singapore otherwise known as the kids, an Australian, and an Indian known […]

My 13 Day Trip Israel

map of israel, israel map

I can’t really begin to describe how amazing the trip to Israel was.  I got to see a side of Israel that is so far from the conflict that is always described on the news.  The Israel Ministry of Tourism, Stand With Us, and the entire Once In  Lifetime Crew did a great job of […]

Learning How to Speak Hebrew (Basic Expressions)

Hebrew is one of the oldest languages that is still spoken today.  While traveling to Israel I was able to pick up on many of the basic expressions to get around such as “are you single” and “you are very beautiful”.  Oops, wrong blog!  Its a bit harder language to pick up since the vowels are […]

The Israeli Beauty & The Beast

tecnion university

You remember the story right?  Gorgeous girl meets really hairy man and they fall in love.  I have to tell you there are a lot of beauties here in Tel Aviv and a lot of hairy men too.  Hairy women? Not so much.  The situation in Israel is a love and hate relationship.  They love […]