Itinerary around the world: Brazilian Thongs & Male Short Shorts

Well its official ladies and gentlemen, I am moving to Brazil.  I now have a different a focus other than just traveling around the world to see tourist attractions and get to know cultures.  I have been seriously slacking updating this travel blog because I started a brand new day trading company where I teach people how to day trade (TheDayTradingAcademy.com).  I have this crazy idea about opening up day trading centers in a few countries around the world to be able to provide someone with the opportunity of living their dreams.

Being that Brazil is known for women in thongs and men that wear shorts that packs everything in like a tuna can, I am left with no other option other than actually going back to the gym.  I decided to hang out in the United States for a bit to get caught up on things and I will also use this time to force myself to get back in shape.

I’m actually going to chronicle the process and call it The Fat Arse Project

Get ready to see me in some skinnies because I am going to get pumped up like Arnold, minus the steroids. I’ll talk in a little more detail about the process but I think it will be very interesting to chronicle the process of trying to lose weight while I travel.

Who really wants to work out while they travel?  Unfortunately for me I travel for a living!  Unfortunately right? Now on to the good stuff, what do I have left to see in South America?

map of south america

 The first problem with moving to Brazil is that I don’t know where to move!  Rio De Janeiro is the obvious choice but not so fast.  The downside is that many people have told me that Rio is a complete dump, extremely dirty, etc.

I usually reply BUT ITS RIO!

There are two other cities that I have been told that I should check out, Florianopolis (Floripa) and Porto Alegre.  They are both in the south and I have been told the women are gorgeous and Floripa will take my heart away.

I sadly told Floripa that Medellin has my heart but thats besides the point.  I am only interested in Porto Alegre because there have been three people that have contacted me about day trading from the city which leads me to believe that there may be a great day trading community there.

I also have a handful of things to see in South America that I haven’t seen yet.  The only countries that I haven’t been to are Ecuador & Peru which I plan on visiting.  I actually was contacted for a press trip to the Galapagos Islands, this will be my second press trip after the awesome team at Once In A Lifetime contacted me about a press trip to Israel.

Even though I used to live in Chile, I would like to explore the country a little more as I have heard great things about the Chilean Patagonia.  There is an island called Chiloe which has incredible beauty and I would also like to get to the northern city of Arica which supposedly has a church that was designed by Eiffel.

What the hell is there to see in Brazil?

 I sound very ignorant saying that but I honestly haven’t done that much research and outside of the ordinary tourist attractions like beaches, Rio, Salvador, Carnival, and Amazon Rainforest, what exactly is there to see in Rio.  The country has amazing culture which I am really excited about delving into but I am also interested in learning about all of the things to see and do in the country.

One thing that you may not have heard of are the pink dolphins that are found in the Amazon.  Supposedly, the female dolphins even prefer the dolphins that are more pink.  Check out the video below:

 After that all that is left is Venezuela and the Angel Falls.  I’d like to take one of those river cruises where you sleep in a hammock while it sways automatically because of the boat rocking.  They actually have suites where you get your own room and privacy, the bathrooms are public however, I’ve heard its just off the side of the boat but thats besides the point.

Catch you in Brazil! 

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  1. Are you thinking Floripa the city or one of the beach towns? I don’t know much about the city but while the beach areas are lovely they might get a bit dull if you are staying long-term. I was going to visit Porto Alegre until I met a girl from there and she told me not to bother. For you however, it might be fine as she told me it is a nice place to live but a boring place to visit. 

    Everywhere in Brazil I have heard the same comments about the south having the prettiest women. I call BS on that. If your tastes run to lighter-skinned women than the south is the place to be, but I haven’t noticed any single area with an overall higher percentage of good looking women. And, no place will ever rival Medellín. 
    I have been living in Salvador da Bahia since December and like it here. It is a bit gritty and probably the most dangerous of the major cities, but it has its charms. I also really enjoyed my short stay in Curitiba so maybe check that out as an option. Keep in mind that down south (Curitiba, Floripa, Porto Alegre) it actually gets cold in the winter. I also enjoyed my two visits to Recife, so if you feel like being further north that is an option. 

    1. That is a huge help thanks so much!! I agree with you on Salvador being gritty but there is something about the city that draws you to it.. how is the crime out there? Have you run into any bad situations?

  2. Hi Marcello!

    Best city in Brazil: São Paulo
    Research about, we have EVERYTHING here!
    Please, be careful with brasilians, they would give you a piece of land on Moon for some dollars!

    If you need something, I’m here! twitter.com/Aleperdido

    Kinda Regards!

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