Learning How To Speak Argentinian Spanish

Learning How To Speak Argentinian Spanish is very easy if you know how to speak regular Spanish.  The Spanish dialect found in Argentina is influenced heavily by both the Italian language and customs.  Another very unique trait of Spanish in Argentina is how they pronunciate different vowels.  There are some different words used in Argentina that aren’t used in other countries but for the most part you are able to able to speak regular Spanish and be understood 99% of the time.  The countries of Colombia, Venezuela, and Argentina all speak the most proper Spanish (closes to Castilian Spanish spoken in Spain.

How Do I Say That In Argentinian Spanish?

  • Pronunciation
    • Anytime you see a Y and LL you pronounce with SH
    • I Am: Yo Soy (Sho soy)
    • Bungee Jumping: Bunshee Shumping (see video)
  • Verbiage
    • Argentinians also use the correct Castillian way
    • When you say are you: Vos Sos? (instead of Usted eres)
  • Che: A common expression to call someone (Che, how you are?)
  • Boludo: Derogatory Comment meaning Idiot
  • Kilombo: A word to describe craziness, a crazy party would be Kilombo
  • Basta: An Italian word meaning to stop

Learn how to speak other version of Spanish:



  1. Just wanted to share that Quilombo is spelled with QU instead of K.

    Entertaining video too.  If you’re interested, I have over a thousand Argentine slang words listed at my website, plus a book published for Argentine Slang (as well as books for Puerto Rico and Chilean slang too).

  2. hello!
    “Conchudo” comes from “concha” I guess (concha = shell)
    we use the word concha to mean vagina..very very informally!
    I don’t know why..but conchudo turned out to have a negative meaning..taking into consideration the root word from where it comes..CONCHA = VAGINA (nothing wrong with it ’cause vaginas are great hahaha)
    so conchudo is like saying “son of a bitch” or moron or sucker..but with way too much negativity (?) hahaha
    I hope my explanation helps!

  3. Hey, you should also say that you are talking about the “argentinian accent”, But you’re talking about the one talked in Buenos Aires. In other areas of Argentina the accent it’s quite different (look up in youtube for example : acento cordobes, or acento norteño argentina). Just for people to know.

  4. Hi, there is a huge diffrence when Spanish is valuated by a native speaker and a foreigner. The native notices totally diffrent things than the other. Therefore, there is no way Argentian Spanish is easy for foreigner, it s one of more dificult. After time and some excercise might be easier, but it takes some time. The easiest Spanish for foreigners is Mexican and that of Spain (north). The natives on contrary will never say maxican for many their own words, but foreigner have difrent criteria, the sound is the most importan.

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