Learning How To Speak Brazilian Portuguese (Basic Expressions)

I can’t say that learning how to speak Portugese was easy, at the same time I can’s say that its the hardest thing to learn on the planet.  While Brazilian Portuguese is very different from Portuguese in Portugal.  I describe it as a mix of Spanish and French words with an drunk French accent.  I was able to finally wrap my tongue around their unique accent and with my background in Spanish I was able to pick up on many of the words, safe to say Hebrew & Amharic were much easier to learn.


  1. “While Brazilian Portuguese is very different from Portuguese in Portugal. I describe it as a mix of Spanish and French words with an drunk French accent” LOL good luck firend! You have to learn the hardest languange of the world! kkkkk LOL

    1. LOL… I would agree that its very different but I would even put arabic accent in there as well.. its very unique and different for sure. Thanks Ricardo

  2. Brazilian Portuguese is very different because The Brazil Received cultural influences from various countries during it´s formation.. Arabics, Africans, Portugueses, Dutches, Frenches and native from the indigenous pepole came to here! There are many words that only exist here Not in Portugal! It´s a mixed and globalized portuguese.. Many words in african or indigenous language.. kkk Good Luck!

  3. I love your explanation, especially the drunk french accent part. It has been 4 years since I’ve been there, so I really need to brush back up on my Portugues for my upcoming trip this Dec/Jan.

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