Learning How to Speak Hebrew (Basic Expressions)

Hebrew is one of the oldest languages that is still spoken today.  While traveling to Israel I was able to pick up on many of the basic expressions to get around such as “are you single” and “you are very beautiful”.  Oops, wrong blog!  Its a bit harder language to pick up since the vowels are very different than many languages spoken in the west.   You use your throat for many of the words and I also found some words that had the beginning of the rolling R’s in Spanish.  Today’s unlucky victim for the Hebrew lesson is Mayan from Haifa.  Below you will also find a list of common expressions in Hebrew.

How do you say that in Hebrew?

Most important word to learn is Sababa (Sah-bah-bah) which most people use to say cool, ok, great, alright.  If you don’t understand what somone is saying to you just say sababa and everything will be okay.

  • Hello/Goodbye – Shalom
  • When you Toast (to life) – L’Chayim (leghaim)
  • Good Morning – Boker Tov
  • Good Evening – Erev Tov
  • Good Night – Laila Tov
  • Thank you – Toda
  • Thank you very Much – Toda Raba
  • Please, Your Welcome – Bevakasha
  • My name is – Koreim Li
  • How are you (to male) – Mah Shlomgha
  • How are you (to female) – Mah Shlomegh
  • How Much (Does it Cost) – Kama Ze (Oleh)
  • Whats your name – Ma shimkha
  • You are pretty – At yafah
  • You are very beautiful – At me ha memet

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