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Sorry Madagascar: My French Is Not Very Good Looking

Restaurant in Madagascar, Tana Restaurant

I haven’t been to many countries around the world where I wasn’t able to speak the language and answer back to locals that think I can’t understand them.  I really love the look on people’s faces when they realize I can actually understand what they are saying, even if I can only reply back “I […]

Paradise in Madagascar

madagascar beaches, beaches in madagascar, ifaty madagascar, ifaty

This is what I had the pleasure of looking at for two days on the southwest coast of Madagascar.  Its a small city of Ifaty with a great hotel where I made a great Malagasy friend.  The most popular beaches in Madagascar are found on the northern coasts of the island while most beaches in […]

My 3 Week Trip To Madagascar

Map Of Madagascar, madagascar map

Madagascar is such a unique country that is blessed with a special mixture of people.  Not only will you be able to see the unique blend of people on the faces of the Malagasy, you also will be able to see a variety of flora & fauna that is unique to Madagascar.  When I decided […]

Traveling to Africa is Tough? Try Madagascar!

Antananarivo Madagascar, Antananarivo, tana madagascar

I realize that Madagascar is in Africa but most people never consider visiting the country (definitely not Americans).  I was intrigued by the country ever since I found out about the Tsingy stone forest.  Once I arrived, I was completely caught off guard by the people and after a week & a half on the […]

Visiting Madagascar isn’t Africa, Its Asia!

a hosue in madagascar, houses in madagascar,

I never did any type of research before I decided to visit Madagascar.  There were only two things that I knew of and wanted to visit very badly, the stone forest in the Tsingy National Park and the Avenue of the Baobabs.  It was very similar to the reasons why I wanted to visit Zambia, […]