May’s Reader Q&A

Our first reader Q&A from here in Singapore. We may plan on doing these regularly either in every location we visit & travel  to or on a monthly basis depending on the number of volume of questions that we receive.  If you have any questions for us you can send us a message via the WanderingTrader Facebook page, WanderingTrader Twitter page, contact us via the contact page, or just leave a comment below.  Have a great one from Singapore!


  1. Great scenery there in Singapore. I’m jealous. Are all the kids there still playing video games in those big gaming shops?

    Can you recommend a good book about day trading?

  2. Love this video! Excellent questions answered, and seriously, that view!? Ridiculously beautiful. Thanks for taking the time to answer our burning questions!

  3. Amazing! I discovered you after 6 months is studying in Spain, which is such a shame, but I like to think I did pretty well by myself!
    I wish I could become a full-time traveler. It’s my dream. I had a taste of something out of Puerto Rico (where I live) and I crave for more!!!

    Great video!

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