Meet Our New Day Trading Penthouse in Medellin

Marcello Arrambide in Medellin

This is the view in a great apartment we spend Christmas at. Just north of Medellin in Copacabana

I have been traveling around the world now for nearly 5 years.

A very exciting adventure spanning more than 80 countries.

Living in 12 countries across 5 continents.

As of last year visiting all 7 continents as well.

Some of my most interesting and daring moments include visiting remote places like Somiland, The Guianas, and South Sudan which is the newest country in the world.

One of the proudest things we have been able to do isn’t even travel related.  It actually is giving others the opportunity to live their dreams as well. We have been able to create more “WanderingTraders” over the last few years.  Everyone from single men like myself enjoying the musings of being young, single, and ready to mingle, to WanderingTrader couples, and even an entire WanderingTrader family.

It was awesome to see one of our traders take his entire family to Italy in the summer using the strategy that we teach at The Day Trading Academy.

 I’ve decided not to necessarily settle down but to start creating home bases around the world.

Or at least that is my excuse for not traveling as much.

It has been a rigorous last few years and we are going to start laying the groundwork for further fusing of day trading and traveling.  We purchased a 5 bedroom penthouse here in Colombia to be able to host some of our day traders that are currently enrolled in our training program.

Click here to watch the video on YouTube if you are having issues below.

Since it is roughly 219 square meters (2400 square feet) there is enough room for plenty of company.

There are 5 spacious bedrooms, 4 with ensuite bathrooms, 2 living rooms, a great balcony overlooking the beautiful city of Medellin, and we just installed a brand new roof!

We also plan on hosting travelers who are visiting Medellin and some of our other locations as well. We are calling the rooms Gianni Suites as we plan on making them very upscale.

It is my first home after all.

We also plan on installing a hookah room in one of the open spaces.  This will provide a great area to sit, relax, have some coffee (preferably Colombian or Ethiopian).

I happen to be part of the industrious Generation Y (the Millennial Generation) that is known for cooking, cleaning, and going above and beyond with everything (sarcasm).

Most of us don’t even know how to even cook eggs. I proudly can share that I can cook a fantastic cereal with delicious milk  poured perfectly into the bowl. That is of course if bowls are available. At any rate our ingenuity brings us finally cooked cereal in plastic cups, cooking pans, or anything else that resembles a bowl.

Getting the Roof Fixed in Medellin

Getting the Roof Fixed in Medellin

One of the great things about the emerging economy of Colombia is that labor is still extremely cheap.

We will be able to contract a maid working full time with benefits for roughly $400 USD a month.

It will be the perfect environment for day traders who want to learn how to hone their craft on a personal one on one setting.  Travelers will also be able to stay and have all the best amenities available like reliable internet and a great atmosphere for working hard and playing hard.

I have even considered inviting one lucky fan from the The Day Trading Academy and WanderingTrader Facebook Pages on a free trip here to Medellin, Colombia.

A house warming party if you will.

One of the things that I am going to enjoy most about setting up our day trading center in Medellin is being able to help some of the locals.

Since we have been able to see so many traders do so well with our training program we want to offer the same opportunity to those that are less fortunate here in Medellin.

University graduates are lucky to make a mere $800 a month with business degrees after joining the workforce here in Colombia. After someone attains consistency with day trading they are able to make that and much more in a day.

We already have roughly 27 day traders under contract here in Colombia, 7 traders in Calgary, 1 trader in both India and Colombia, and 4 in the United States.

As I write this I have one of our Brazilian traders sitting next to me as we are setting up our Brazilian operations as well. We hope to eventually have a center in one of my favorite cities in the world, Rio de Janeiro.

Day Trading In Medellin

Our day traders that came to Medellin and spent the holidays with us

We were supposed to meet when I was living in Brazil but due to my hectic schedule last year we weren’t able to get it done.  He tracked me down and we spent a great holiday season together with other traders from The Day Trading Academy.  They also came with their wives and girlfriends which was great. Ladies, Marcello Arrambide is still single. Just something we should possibly throw out there.

He is an equal opportunity employer.

As we speak the roof is being fixed and I hope to have more updates soon. We are also trying to obtain another 5 bedroom house under contract to be able to host seminars.

That way we would be able to host a fully fledged day trading seminar right here in Medellin. Lodging and accommodation wouldn’t be an issue because up to 10 traders would be able to stay at both the new house and the penthouse in Medellin. We always like to keep our seminars small to provide the best education to all of our traders.

The idea is to have them bring their wives, kids, and even families to be able to enjoy a vacation while they work. They could even stay for months at a time if they wanted to.

View From The Penthouse In Medellin

View From The Penthouse In Medellin

I consider myself to be very lucky to be able to live this life and giving other people the opportunity to live the same life is going to be very special.

Money is irrelevant as most of look for a great lifestyle.

A special situation where we can have our freedom. Day Trading is the only profession that I know of where you can work anywhere in the world. Most importantly, we can make money not only when the market is going up but when it is going down as well.

Whenever we have an economic downturn or crisis, similar to the one that we have had since 2008, we are actually able to make more money than when things are going well.

There is a saying that the market goes up the stairs but down the elevator.

This relats to the amount of volatility and movement that we see when we have a crisis. Day Traders can make money when the market goes up or when it goes down. The most important thing that we need is good movement.

Look forward to updating the status of our penthouse in Medellin and also seeing some of you come through to enjoy some hookah!

 Marcello Arrambide in Medellin.

Marcello Arrambide saying cheers to an awesome 2014!

Cheers to an awesome 2014!


  1. Great thing you have going on here, and excellent site! I read about your requirement for high speed, low-latency internet, and I’m curious which provider you went with here in Colombia?

  2. Great Blog Marcello. I’ve lived in Costa Rica and Panama and currently reside in Cebu, Philippines. Much cheaper! As a life-long traveler, I’m always on the lookout for ways to keep the income flowing. I hope to be in touch soon to learn more about day trading.

  3. Hi!

    Congrats on living the dream. I am visiting Medellin now and each time I leave to visit another part of Colombia, I end up coming back to amazing Medellin! Every day I wake up here thinking I am still dreaming. I was wondering if you teach day trading to beginners? My experience is in digital marketing, but ecommerce hasn’t exactly taken off in CO yet so I am looking for ways to support myself so I can live here too. 🙂

    Viva Medellin!

  4. Hi! I live in Edmonton Alberta Canada, yesterday I was watching a television show people investing property in another country and hello they Showed Marcelo and his friend buying a property in Medellin which I know is a beautiful city and Marcelo spoke about opening his business it got my attention and I search and I find out about the trading academy I actually spent two hours reading Marcelo stories Marcelo you are un orgullo Hispano. I will like to have more information about this academy please.

  5. Hi Marcello.

    Looks nica that beautiful house. Hope you enjoy it. I’m very interested but honestly I’m kind of broke and with some pending bills to pay. I’m trading in Forex but I can’t try an estrategy ’cause it’s kind of difficult for me. I’m living in Medellin right now and I want your help to be a very smart trader and to connect to other people wih DTA.

    Hope you can help me!

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