Things Not To Miss In Mexico City!


Mexico City is one of the most ‘happening’ cities in the World right now, thanks to heavy investment and an influx of writers, artists, musicians and other creative tourists, the capital of Mexico is well and truly thriving. This cosmopolitan city offers the best of modern city life, traditional heritage and forward thinking ideas that are all packed into a vast and varied urban setting. More and more tourists are traveling to Mexico City each year and the capital continues to grow. There is so much on offer here and if you are planning on a stay in Mexico City, then here are some of the things that you simply mustn’t miss.


Around an hour north of the city is the ancient Mesoamerican city of Teotihuacan, this archaeological site was once inhabited by the Aztecs and many other pre-Colombian tribes. The site is simply incredible, it offers two large pyramids, the Pyramid of the Sun ( 3rd largest in the World,) and the Pyramid of the Moon. The site is incredibly well preserved and offers tourists a glimpse into Mexico’s incredible cultural past.

Food Tours

There are so many tours which one can take on a visit to Mexico City in order to truly understand the nuts and bolts of the capital. The finest tours on offer in Mexico City (DF for short) are the tours where you can experience the food. This country and DF in particular has a real passion for Mexican food and it ain’t what you’d find in Taco Bell. Here you will find local food that has for some unknown reason, never quite made its way abroad as successfully as Italian and Indian cuisine for example. On a food tour in Mexico City like one from heralded Tasty Bites Food Tours, you will be guided around the best places to eat in the city and be able to learn about how the food is made and why it tastes so damn good, this tour is available in both the city’s historic center and the trendy Roma neighborhood and you should definitely check it out.


Once upon a time, Mexico City was nothing but two large lakes and a network of canals, that has all been built over now but you can still see this way of life in the far south of the city in Xochimilco. Here you will find sprawling canal networks which are best seen on the colorful trajineras, these are gondola-style boats which will take you throughout the canals as you enjoy a drink and some food on the deck.


Zocalo is the historic center of the city and a great place to spend a day, here you will find pedestrian-only streets filled with shops, character and traditional Mexican music and stores. Set in the historic center is the huge Plaza de Constitucion where events are always happening, the stunning Palacio de Bellas Artes, a beautifully designed theater as well as great buildings like the Palacio de Correos, the most ornate post office that you will ever lay eyes on. Expect to spend at least a day roaming around this beautiful part of the city.

There is so much to do in DF and I have potentially done it a disservice by just mentioning the four above, these are certainly things that cannot be missed and if you want to see what else there is to do then get to Mexico City as soon as possible.

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  1. been to the DF a number of times and each time I find something netlike the ride on the subway it is fast and furious and you can miss your station in a hurry. but never fear just go up and over and down the other side and take the next set of cars the opposite way. you can ride all day without getting off but at quitting time it is jammed full then there is there attars of commerce. if your a painter there is one whole street that has nothing but painting supplest is so much fun to buy your supplies so cheap then don’t forget to see the new exivation going on theren the city. there is so much to do and see there. the museums carefree on Sundays so be prepared for large crowds

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