My 3 Week Trip To Madagascar

Madagascar is such a unique country that is blessed with a special mixture of people.  Not only will you be able to see the unique blend of people on the faces of the Malagasy, you also will be able to see a variety of flora & fauna that is unique to Madagascar.  When I decided to go to Madagascar it was only because of the Stone Forest, anything else like the amazing Avenue of Baobabs and Lemurs were just a bonus.  Since there are so many things to see I decided to stay 3 weeks.

It wasn’t enough time to see everything but was just enough time due to the fact that I couldn’t find decent internet!  I always try day trading anywhere I go but in Madagascar I had a lot of problems trying to day trade.

You definitely need more than three weeks to explore the country since its bigger than the state of California!  The route that I made was both the common tourist route and also places that most tourists don’t go.  When I go back to Madagascar I would like to dive near the Nosy Be & Santa Marie islands as well as explore the northern and eastern coasts.   Think I will stay a full month next time.

Map Of Madagascar, madagascar map

My Route Through Madagascar

Tana (Antananarivo) #1

  • Tour the City
  • Explore Antsirabe
  • Lemurs Park

Miandrivazo (#2)

  • Canoe Trip
  •  Night in Belo Tsiribihina

Tsingy Stone Forrest (#3)

  • Big Tsingy
  • Small Tsingy
  • Avenue of the Baobabs (#6)

4×4 Trip Along Coast (#7-10)

  • Belo Su Mar
  • Morombe
  • Andavadoka
  • Ifaty
  • Menu of the Baobabs
  • Toliara


  • Tombs
  • Diving


    1. Cosmo it can be extremely cheap if you are using local transport but also depends what kind of activities you want to do. I would say minimum $20 a day and possibly an average of roughly $30 a day

  1. I think a 3 week trip can have a heavy content, it must have been great!
    Anything at least 10 days is a REAL trip in my opinion. In rare cases 7 days will do, but I like staying longer myself…

  2. Hi Marcello, i have only 7 days for madagaskar. do you think it will be comfortably enough (not to rush) to do #1, #2,#3 for this duration. at the end of the trip i have to comeback to tana to fly out.
    could you please recommended the 4×4 WD rental or reasonable price travel agent? how much it will cost (driver inclusive) per day?

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