My Dedication To Every Traveler In The World

Traveling around the world in 2011 was an amazing experience for me.  I traveled to every country in Eastern Africa, completed roughly 90% of South America, and even went to very unique places that most people don’t travel to like the Guiana’s, Antarctica, Somalia, and the newest country in the world, South Sudan.  Some of you have emailed me and have noticed a drop in production and that’s because of my new day trading project where I am teaching people how to day trade.

I plan on getting back on track and this is my dedication to every traveler in the world, 2011 edition.  Onward to 2012!  I will be posting my 2012 plans very soon!


  1. Wooooow eso debe ser una experiencia única. Tener contacto con todos esos animales, con jirafas y hasta con un gorila! Es admirable lo tuyo.
    Did you ever been in Las islas Galápagos, in Ecuador? I’ll love to know this place. Well, thanks for sharing this!

  2. Alvin.. I spend a lot more than most people because I can afford to fly everywhere and do things like Antarctica and also helicopter rides.. you really dont need that much money to travel you just need to have time. If you have time then you can really do everything that you want for free

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