No Homo: Colombian Style

This obscene gestures you will see in the pictures below are something that is very common around the world.  In the United States however, you will never catch a man caressing another man on a motorcycle.  For my older viewers, no homo refers to a joke that young men say in the United States when something sounds “feminine”.  To give you an example, in a situation when a man would say “I’m going go to buy that pink scarf I saw at the mall”, he would say no homo right after to imply to his friends that he isn’t gay or is saying something gay.

American men really need to get a hold of themselves.  It started as a saying for people that didn’t want to sound gay and then turned into a common joke among men.  It’s a bit similar to saying “that’s what she said” after someone says anything sexual.  And with further adieu I present the first no homo, the Police No Homo.

police in colombia

The Police No Homo

There is a complete space in between both of these men.  This of course is to try and take them seriously when they talk to you on a little motor bike.  If they really want us to take them seriously they should get their own bikes in my opinion.  I mean it’s cute, but really come on guys.

men in scooters in colombia

The I'm not a Homo No Homo

Aw, isn’t this cute?  A nice pink shirt with a bright blue backpack, not a regular backpack, a metro sexual backpack.  And whats with the orange scarf?  I think his neck was getting a little chilly.  Anyone else notice the tight jeans, we aren’t in Europe guys.  he clearly doesn’t want to be taken for homo since he is leaning back not putting his hands on the driving homo.  Look at the difference in technique from the Police No Homo.

Men in Barranquilla colombia

Had to get a second shot of this cute Pose


motorcycles in colombia

The Filthy No Homo

What they don’t have showers where you live?  I mean even the guy wearing fruity yellow flower shorts on the left takes a shower.  Is it some kind of kinky thing that I don’t know about?

men in bogota, bogota men

The Im Cool no Homo

Now this guy is just cool being a no homo.  Look at his posture, it just screams dont mess with me.  I happen to know this personally since he hopped off his bike and told not to take pictures of him.  I of course told him that I am doing a no homo post and he was cool with it.  He said “of course I’m not homo”

men on the colombia coast

The Calm No Homo

I’m out of funny no homo material but it’s nice to see there are old and young homos alike.

Most of these guys can be found on the Colombian Coast from Cartagena all the way to Barranquilla and Santa Marta.


  1. Totally standard in the developing world to ride like this … I know you’re joking around and all, but I’m a legit homo and seeing this stuff is tiring at best, and social reinforcement for bigoted/homophobic meatheads at worst…

  2. Have you ever ridden on the back of a motorcycle zigzagging through Costeño traffic? Have you seen how drivers of buses and cars drive around those areas nearly hitting motorcyclists? Totally standard to hang onto the bike or person in front of you in this manner. If you ever ride on the back of a motorcycle going 50km zigzagging through traffic and tight squeezes to pass buses in Colombia let me know how well you hang on.

    +2,500,000 pesos to buy your very own motorcycle may not be a lot for you but for a typical Colombian that is easily five months to half a year’s salary. 

    1. Kevin I actually drove my own scooter from Medellin all the way to the library where the teleferico ends.. I love driving them.. if you didn’t know you can actually rent a scooter also. Next time I go back I plan on renting another scooter for a month and driving to all of the pueblos in around Medellin

  3. why is this even an issue? you called these pictures “obscene gestures?” there’s nothing sexual about sharing a ride and to suggest otherwise is actually incredibly homophobic of you. Not impressed. Why don’t you post some real content about masculinity in Colombia instead of making fun of people who live there and pissing off people who are actually gay?

  4. My comment is a little late to the party, not sure if you’ll be alerted to a new comment on such an old thread, but anyway….

    I found your site ’cause I’m investigating relocating to Columbia. I found this post pretty funny and not homophobic – in fact I kinda assumed you were gay and mocking homophobia as I read you post, until you commented that you have gay friends, which makes you gay-friendly – or, my favourite term …Straight but not Narrow. I don’t doubt you have many gay friends because your observations here reflect that of _my_ friends who are gay.

    Anyway, still reading your posts – I am looking forward to reading your posts on other countries- well done blog, and thank-you.



    1. Thanks David thanks for the comment! Thanks for the comments.. I thought it was incredibly funny and most of my gay friends as well. Wait until I post the no homo African edition… lol

  5. Hi,There is nothing unusual about these photographs.It is a common site in many countries in Southeast Asia and in India and its neighboring countries .That is because Motorcycles are not affordable to a vast population,again the traffic rules are not strictly observed as in the west. In asia nothing like this is taken amiss.

    1. I agree with you Arun but in Canadian, American, and many other western countries that wouldn’t be okay which is why its out of the norm and is mostly funny to many westerners. I do find it completely acceptable but out of the norm in most of western countries

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