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My travel blogs are written from my experiences traveling around the world, and they contain all the stories, tips, and awkward situations that I have gotten myself in. I have traveled to roughly 80 countries now and have visited all 7 continents. Traveling around the world has taken me to the from desolate deserts of Africa all the way to the tropical climates of Asia and South America.

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Fund Things To Do In Sicily: Godfather Filming Locations

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I honestly was never a huge Godfather fan, I have watched all three films and did enjoy them but not fanatical about them.  What I have been more obsessed with is the actual Italian Mafia.  When I was living in Sicily for close to two years I actually ran into the Mafia, everywhere. The first […]

Carnival In Brazil & Malaria Of The Mouth

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Ah yes Malaria of the mouth.  If you haven’t heard about this new virus then let me enlighten you. It spreads vicariously by placing your tongue into a stranger’s mouth in Brazil of all places and during Carnival of all times. Every festival around the world has its own way of identifying itself and Carnival […]

First Impressions of Brazil

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I’m currently sitting in Tampa, Fl watching the Miami Heat game reflecting on my photos and experience in Brazil, you didn’t know I could multitask? Carnival is an experience that I think everyone should have. There are many people that were telling me to be extremely careful and I would have been but it seemed […]

The Hand In The Desert – Atacama Desert, Chile

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The Hand in the Desert (mano del desierto) was created in the early 1980’s by a Chilean Sculpture named Mario Irarrázaal.  It is made out of iron and cement and sits in the middle of nowhere, the Atacama Desert (in Chile)  which is the driest desert in the world.  The sculpture was created to signify the […]

Itinerary Around The World: Onward To Colombia

earth at night, map of south america, map of colombia

Technically the 2nd leg of around the world trip, I was seriously debating whether I should move to Colombia or Brazil.  Being such a massive country and already living in both Chile and Argentina, I decided to head north to Colombia.  Debating a very long time whether I should move to Bogota or Medellin, I finally […]

2 Unique Things To See In Salvador, Brazil

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Boasting close to 200 million people, Brazil can easily be considered an absolute monster when it comes to culture.  They have their own unique dance (capoeira and samba) and have their own unique way of seeing things.  Salvador is a very special city since it is the very first capital of Brazil and also held […]

People Doing Awesome Things Right Now

People Doing Awesome Things Right Now

ArtofBackpacking – Tag team duo of Micheal Tieso and Teresa Gotay.  Teresa was recently in Aruba and heading to Europe in March while Micheal is in China.  Since I am heading to China as soon as late this year I have been keeping close tabs on both their adventures.         Tourist2Townie – […]

Coffee In Canada: The Good, Bad, & Disgusting

Tim Hortons

There aren’t a lot of people that don’t like coffee.  When I first arrived in Toronto there was a bit of chaos with riots, earthquakes, and even a G20 meeting (click here for story).  It took me a while to get situated since I was in-between two apartments but I can attest that living in Toronto […]