Partying in Buenos Aires

Many of you are from the United States and are accustomed to ending your weekends around two or four in the morning (which may be late for some).  In any of the Buenos Aires barrios, the party doesn’t begin until 2am and it certainly doesn’t end until after the sun comes up.  Being the 10th largest city in the world you can find anything that you like: hip hop and break dancing, salsa and merengue, samba, and even rock (I didn’t forget techo and house there is some of that too).


Here is a video of some Argentinians break dancing at Club Lost on Thursday nights (I didn’t think it was true either).  Most people will have culture shock when they first get to Buenos Aires because of the European influence.  Latin’s in Argentina are not the typical Latins that we normally think of (Puerto Ricans, Venezuelans, and so forth).  The speak completely different and act completely different.  Palermo is one of the Buenos Aires barrios that is popular for many clubs and bars.


The party certainly doesn’t end at night either.  There are endless festivals and mini parties during the day raging throughout the different parts of the city.  This is yours truly acting a complete fool.  My dance moves have gotten much better I promise.  Joining the party is only part of the great Argentina tourist attractions.


If you know Argentina, you know that soccer is a religion not just a sport.  Even one of the Buenos Aires sightseeing activities is going to be a soccer game in the infamous stadium at La Boca.  This is a great video at the Northside Bar in San Telmo during the World Cup game of United States vs Algeria where Landon Donovan scored a goal at the very end of the game.  This is a Buenos Aires sightseeing activity that anyone would recommend.


One of my favorite pastimes is dancing merengue, here you have everyone having a blast at a club in Buenos Aires  (I will show you my moves later I promise).  Reggae is also very big in not just Buenos Aires, but all of South America.  Being that Brazil is a massive cultural center many people listen to Brazilian reggae and the classics from Jamaica as well.  Other popular places in San Telmo are Gibralter Bar for a place to hang out and meet cool people, Puerto Rola, Moliere for Reggaeton and house music, and dont forget Northside bar for a great time any time of the week!

Once you’re done with all the Buenos Aires sightseeing make sure to head for the night life.  You will either be addicted or end up exhausted, either way it’s worth it!  Afterwards you can go settle in San Telmo Argentina and rest up for your next Argentina adventure!


  1. Awesome post on one of the best places in the world for an amazing night out! It usually takes me a good month to recover from a trip to BA haha.

    PS Love that video of the people at the pub going crazy over Donovan's goal!!!

  2. Thanks for the comment! You should see the video about everyone's reaction all over the world! classic!!

    1. You really are going to love it! I can recommend some great places for coffee and steak also!! Wish they had Asado’s here in the states

  3. Thanks for the comment Erica! You can learn Tango in Argentina, they get pretty serious out there! lol

  4. Thanks for the comment Erica! You can learn Tango in Argentina, they get pretty serious out there! lol

  5. Definately, Barrio Palermo inside de Capital is the best place to stay, it has it all, beautiful parks, great bars andrestaurants and a great artistic spirit. Nice post!

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