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ArtofBackpacking – Tag team duo of Micheal Tieso and Teresa Gotay.  Teresa was recently in Aruba and heading to Europe in March while Micheal is in China.  Since I am heading to China as soon as late this year I have been keeping close tabs on both their adventures.





Tourist2Townie –  I got to know Gareth when he was exploiting Steak and the art of the Argentine kiss in Buenos Aires, don’t worry, he won’t ever Telo.  He has moved to Medellin and is currently exploring Colombia.  The guy is hysterical (as you can see in the picture to the left) so def check him out!







GoBackPacking & MedellinLiving – I met Dave through my research on Colombia and Medellin.  He loves Colombian women, ahem, Colombian culture as much as I do and has expert advice on not only world travel but travel in Colombia.  He just got back from Tokyo and is currently getting settled again in Medellin, there is a reason why he keeps going back.




Legal Nomads – She not only garnered the attention of CNN when she was in Thailand during their crisis, she has a unique perspective on travel and is quite funny too.  Currently in Thailand (again), she is filling up on food in Laos and thinks Pink is the new awesome.





The Planet D & Pic The Planet – Canada’s Adventure couple (Dave & Deb), ahem, hard core adventure.  These guys have biked across the continent of Africa and even trained in some wicked martial arts, Muay Thai.  Did I mention that Deb actually has a world record for cycling through Africa?  They started to raise money through charity with the Mongol Rally and are currently heading to New Zealand.




Everything-Everywhere – Not the most popular travel blog, THEEE most popular travel blog.  Not only an avid traveler but also smart guy.  Gives you the occasional tid bits on places you never would have known and has cool videos too.  A pioneer in the world of travel, insane travel pics, the man. period.




Brendans Adventures – Mr. Brendan Van Son, going to meet up with this Brazil loving traveler.  The man takes great pics and hosts a top 100 top travel blogs list updated weekly, unless there is red wine around.  He is currently in Brazil and we are planning on meeting up for Carnaval in Brazil.



GlobeTrooper (s) – I met Lauren and Todd in Canada when they invited me for a free hotel stay in Montreal.  You can find travel buddies on their site and they are on The Great Circular Indian Railway Challenge.  It can be very hard following so many people at once, head over to their news section to get all your travel news in one place!



  1. Seriously, you just HAD to use the picture of you carrying me in Uruguay, didn’t you? Ha! You need the caption “hey Ma! Look what I found in Uruguay!” Thanks for the mention & great roundup of solid bloggers, many of whom have become good friends.

  2. Thanks for the shout out man! I should be in Colombia in Aug but I think you won’t be there by then… err! Would love to meet up with ya man and get into some trouble. Tell Dave I said Hola then when your there.

  3. Thanks Marcello for the big shout out! I must correct you though. I would love to say that I hold a world record, but instead I am Woman’s Champion of the World’s Longest Cycling Race:) I am okay with that, but I am working on a world record in the near future. LOL
    Love all the Blogs you mentioned and we are honoured to be in such esteemed company. Cheers!

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