Photo Essay: Bond Between Women & Ugly Jeans – Chile

One of the things about the culture in Chile is that they dont dress up very much and they don’t take extra care of their appearances.  This doesn’t mean that they are dirty or that they don’t shower.  This just means that they don’t dress up like they are going to a night club when they go to the corner store like other Latin cultures.  They have a nickname for men with messy hair “chascon” because most men don’t put anything in their hair, they just let it lose.

The women as you can see in the pictures below have the same philosophy, I went out one day and captured all of these photos within an hour.  I personally think its hysterical.  And if you like this post you probably would like the Stupendous Argentina Combover or the Argentina Pinochio.  Cheers!

Click on the pictures below to maximize them and click here for more pictures of Chile.



  1.  Wow….they really are not that attractive looking jeans! Like Hogga said about the short shorts in NZ…..men wear them everywhere in Aus. too. Escpeically posties in summer-not a good look!

  2. Estimado:

    Soy Chileno y su articulo me parece mal, supongo que en merida o en otras partes de venezuela encontrare tanto o iguales jeans de los que muestra.
    Definitivamente el review esta sesgado al lugar al que fuiste a buscar los jeans, tal vez no te indicaron bien donde tenias que ir, tal vez la proxima vez yo te de un buen dato donde ver y comprar buenos jeans.

    Para una traduccion la ingles si necesaria favor comunicarse a mi correo.

    Mauricio Abarca C.

    1. Mauricio… yo vivi en Santiago por 4 meses y los vi por toda la cuidad. En partes buenas y malas. Estoy de nuevo en Santiago y te seguro que los vi denuevo hoy. No es necesario ponerse defensivo las cosas son como son.. y mis amigos en chile se rien porque ellos me dicen que es verdad.

  3. HAHA some of these are popular now in the US!!!

    Spain has some pretty funky jean choices too – a lot of baggy pants for girls. I guess a different aesthetic is sought-after here than in the U.S. — gotta keep an open mind about fashion too 🙂

  4. I’m chilean and I totally agree on this. It’s so typical to see short legged people wearing skinny jeans and those awful multicolour jeans are everywhere. It’s very common to see overweight girls showing their bellies and wearing smaller sizes. Chile needs to get a style lesson!

  5. Well. I am in strange feelings about this post.
    Let me say I am russian girl from Moscow who moved to Chile a few months ago. Apart form that I worked as a fashion editor in a famous fashion magazine. As you can imagine, I have a certain notions of what is a decent and fashionable look is. For me it was shocking seeing lots of people in Santiago dressed in a worn clothes and they visibly don’t care about all this.. But I don’t understand something else about this post – ok, Chile don’t dress well at all. True. But pleeeease! It’s the same thing in ALL Latin American countries, most of them are much worse with all this sporty clothes and tons of this sticky gel on the hairs! So just don’t be hypocreasing

  6. The article cracks me up. The first picture is spot on. I know that I sound like a jerk, maybe I am, but the truth is that too many Chilean women have taken to tight pants with horizontal stripes. The worst ones are woollen with a drab brown, yellow, and orange color scheme. The tight fit and horizontal lines accentuate what are all too often sloppy figures. On the other end, nylon sweat pants with white stripes down the legs are popular. They look like NBA warm up suits. Not a fan of the stone washed and razor slit jeans either. That said, I find the regular blue jeans attractive. The woman wearing the shorts is a sight for sore eyes. Chilean women don’t need fancy outfits and a lot of makeup to be beautiful. Anyway, thanks for a fun read.

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