My stay in Colombia has been nothing short of amazing.  I have met some amazing people and experiences that I will remember forever.  When I was a young chap I always use to hang out with Colombians so getting to know more about the culture and living in Colombia was definitely on my list of things to do.  I am now taking my talents to Africa to experience something that I have never experienced in my life, not fitting in.  Growing up I always felt that I was trapped in-between cultures and now I am going to a place where I do not fit in.

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My Original Around the World Plan

I’m both excited and terrified because Africa is known to be a more dangerous part of the world compared to South America.  My home base is going to be in Nairobi, Kenya as I have the opportunity to stay with a friend from college who knows the streets.  One thing that I have in my favor is that most people in Kenya speak Swahili and English.  This will help with the transition process but I am very happy going to a place where I am not going to feel comfortable.  There are going to have to be changes in the way that I travel as I am accustomed to eating at street vendors in many of the places I have lived in South America.

Africa poses a significantly higher disease risk as well as health risk.  I can’t honestly tell you what the hospitals and food hygiene are like in Kenya, but I have spoken to many travelers that have warned me to be extra cautious.  I’m sure I will still crave the street food but will take extra precautions before I will actually eat it.

Living in Kenya is going to give me access to see some great things in Africa.  Here is a list of things that I plan to see:

Zimbabwe, one trillion dollars, trillion dollar, Zimbabwe trillion dollars

The One Trillion Note From Zimbabwe

Victoria Falls (Devil’s Pool):  The Devil’s pool at the Victoria Falls on the border of Zimbabwe and Zambia where you can swim on the edge of the falls.  Another highlight is going to be getting my hands on a trillion dollar note in Zimbabwe and pay off the U.S debt.

The Stone Forrest in Madagascar:  I have been fascinated with the stone Forrest since I found it.  You can view the unique Lemur monkeys and other exotic species.

The Great Migration:  The great migration is a movement of animals between Tanzania and Kenya.  Every animal you can imagine in Africa can be found, can’t wait!

Zanzibar: What I call the Miami Beach of Tanzania has pristine beaches and a great nightlife to enjoy

The Giraffe Manor:  The hotel that features giraffes eating from your fingertips is definitely on my things to do in Africa list.  How awesome would be to have a giraffe steal your food! lol

Experience something different:  As stated before, just experience the difference that Africa has to offer.

If you have any tips or other unique things to do let me know so I can add it to my list!  Onward to Kenya!

Part 1:  Overall Itinerary around the world


  1. Hey Ayngelina,
    Karibu Kenya. It’s a good thing that you are coming to meet someone in Kenya to guide you. It’s not such a bad place tho.
    I’ve lived in Nairobi all my life and some pointers I can give you are:
    – take vaccination. this will keep you safe from ailments such as malaria.
    – avoid dark streets and take a taxi. if you take public transport take care of your belongings to avoid being pick pocket
    People are friendly and you’ll enjoy the hospitality. If you get a chance you can also visit the great rift valley. I like driving there for my weekend getaways from the city.
    I’ll send you a tweet to welcome you to kenya. We are active on twitter too, hope to meet you 🙂
    Safe journey.

      1. Hello,
        Just send me a tweet on @eGichomo:twitter when you’ll be in Nairobi. I’ll be honored to meet you.
        ps. sorry I got your name wrong, Ayngelina had retweeted you 🙂

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