Plans For 2013: The Floundering Trader

It’s time to (tentatively) plan my travels through 2013.  While most of the time I have had an attack plan of where I wanted to go and what I wanted to see, 2013 is going to be quite different.

I remember the vision vividly when a picture came across my desk from National Geographic, the photo was taken by Stephen Alvarez.

Stone Forrest Madagascar

Stone Forrest Madagascar

“I have to see that” I said to myself.  I promptly made plans to move to Nairobi, Kenya to see one of the most unique things I had ever seen, the Stone Forest in Madagascar.   I also had the opportunity to walk with cheetahs in Zambia which remains one of the most unique experiences I have ever had.

I was arrested and detained in the newest country in the world and was even driven in Somaliland (Somalia) by the president’s personal advisor.

The stone forest in Madagascar remains one of the highlights of the my trip to Africa.

I have a unique profession that allows me to enjoy my freedom and travel around the world, day trading.  Now I run this travel blog and also teach people how to make money in the stock market via the Day Trading Academy.

This allows me to travel faster, harder, and with no limits.  Whenever a new location pops into my subconscious I decide to just go, regardless of cost and difficulty in getting there.

I have come to a cross roads due to the unexpected growth of my day trading company and my passion for travel.

You cannot work and travel at the same time continously.

I learned that viable lesson while recently traveling through Rajasthan India, during the Christmas holidays.  I cannot continue to travel as extensively to remote and exotic locations if I want to continue helping others achieve their goals through the Day Trading Academy.

I always decide to take the end of the year off since there is little stock market activity at this time of the year.  Some of my past Christmas experiences include being confronted by a family of penguins in Antarctica in 2010.

In 2011 I returned to the place where I was kidnapped and shot at to spend the holidays with my grandmother.  This year I explored the extreme in India by taking a 15 day trip through the Land of the Kings.

I don’t plan to stop traveling in 2013, just stop traveling as extensively.  I initially was planning on sharing more of my investing projects but have decided to transfer that over to The Day Trading Academy website since it is about finance.

WanderingTrader will continue to be mostly about travel and living overseas instead of investing.

Enter the Floundering Trader

My foray in India will end in the beginning of February and immediately following are a slew of business conferences.  I plan on attending the Travel Blog Exchange in Canada, the Money Show day traders expo in New York City, and the largest of all travel conferences in the world, ITB in Berlin.

I will be announcing the winner of the contest to win a 1 year free training program with The Day Trading Academy and free trip to Jordan this week.

Petra At Night

Petra At Night

 In March, I will be taking the winner to experience one of  the New 7 Wonders of the World which is Petra.  They also will learn how to achieve financial freedom through day trading as I will be performing one on one training at exotic locations like the Dead Sea.

I plan on moving back to Medellin, Colombia to start my first day trading center.

Day trading will give many Colombians an opportunity to control their own destinies.  The ability to make more money in one day than they could make in an entire month.  They also will be able to make money in a recession.

For your information day traders are able to make money when the stock market goes up or down.

After Colombia, I will be planning on living in another very unique country that has had its lands intertwined at the crossroads of history.  Turkey has now become the 7th most visited country in the world and their economy is booming.

As a person that is looking to travel and invest overseas, Turkey is a country that is rich in culture and also has an incredible amount of history.  It will  definitely be a WanderingTrader’s paradise.

I will be living in cities longer and returning to more cities as I will now have various centers to run.  I also plan on opening a business in Singapore in order to have my center of operations there.

More FaceTime

I invested heavily in my electronic equipment in order to start doing more video.  Many people in the industry have started to provide more video for their blogs.  I have purchased additional accessories for my GoPro video recorder, bought a new Samsung Galaxy S3, and new cameras.

If you haven’t checked out my WanderingTrader YouTube page, you definitely should.  Below is a recap of my travels in 2011, the 2012 recap video is coming soon.

Travel Guides

The travel guides have been in progress for quite some time.  I have had the idea to start offering guides to places that I have been because I find that most guides from LonelyPlanet or even Frommers fall short.

They never provide guidance as to what travelers should and shouldn’t do and instead just discuss everything that is available to see and do.

I plan on offering the guides via an itunes store, Amazon Kindle, and Google Play.

I am extremely excited to start working on all these projects and less traveling should allow me to complete them in a timely manner.  It should be an amazing year in travel in 2013 and I look forward to sharing it with you.


  1. To visit Nairobi is on my bucket list for this year’s travel extravagance! Just kidding, I’d still stick to my budget so I could travel more. And I agree, you cannot travel and work at the same time, but I still need to work, so I balance them. Traveling every 3 months works with me.

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