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Getting To Know The Beautiful People Of Somaliland

Getting To Know The Beautiful People Of Somaliland

I’m not talking about physical beauty although there is a lot said about the beauty of the women in Somaliland (sorry ladies, you will have to judge the men on your own).  I am talking about getting to really know the people of a territory that is dying to be proclaimed their own nation.  The […]

Never Judge Somaliland By Its Cover

Never Judge Somaliland By Its Cover

I really liked Somaliland, especially when I started to dive deeper into the culture like flirting with women in a full Burka and Veil, twice.  They started it, I promise.  In the present day, Somaliland resembles most Muslim countries; men have the latest beard fashion designs, women enjoy being covered head to toe in clothing […]

Getting Smuggled Into Somaliland

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It really felt like we were being smuggled into a country territory that is deeply misunderstood by the entire world.  We left Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia, at a shockingly good time (at 5.28, roughly 2 minutes before we had to leave at 5.30).  What was even funnier is the advertisement on the bus […]

How to Prepare For Kidnapping in Somalia-land

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I admit it, I’m crazy for wanting to visit Somaliland.  Many people told me I was crazy when I wanted not only visit Colombia, but live in one of the cultures that has fascinated me for decades.  While the dangers in Colombia weren’t what most people were expecting: I don’t anticipate the dangers in Somalia […]