Taking a Drive: America’s Most Scenic Routes

Even if they don’t realize it yet, most people have that burning desire to travel as soon as they are able to; and in today’s Internet age where information is readily available at the touch of a button, the world has become smaller and more accessible.

Americas Most Scenic Routes

Of course, because many places in a lot of countries have become easier to visit, many people opt to journey through a more daring route when satisfying their wanderlusts. Not that it’s a bad idea, since the point of traveling after all is to expand one’s boundaries, not just physically, but also intellectually.

Still, there’s something to be said about sampling quieter, more contemplative journeys. What is the best way to take this journey? In an article entitled Top 5 best US road trips by Ree Saunders of DialAFlight, a road trip across the USA is a long established way to experience the best bits of this diverse land. It may sound cliché to some, but even they would have to admit that the country’s varying panoramas and immense land area make for some pretty interesting sightseeing.

To kick things off, Utah’s Route 12 provides the type of interstate driving that comes to mind for most people; that is, traveling through seemingly uncharted territories with nothing but the road you’re on and spread of desert and mountains. Driving along this route as the sun is setting on the horizon; one can’t help but become introspective of his place in the greater scheme of things.
For something with a touch of nature, Blue Ridgeway Park would be a good choice. Running through the states of Carolina and Virginia, this route takes travelers through forests and overlooks. What’s great about it is that various seasons offer different kinds of scenery, allowing them to match the drive with the kinds of thoughts one wants to focus on.

In contrast to Blue Ridgeway’s flora-infused surroundings is Chicago’s Lake Shore Drive. This route takes one through an urban sprawl on one side with the city’s coastline on the other. Landmarks like the Willis Tower and the Lake Shore Drive Apartments have earned this route the distinction of being the greatest architecture road.
Finally, for a touch of the quaint, a traveler should try Massachusetts’s Route 6. The road takes one through beaches, sand dunes, marshes, and small fishing towns, which could make him or her, yearn for the simple life.
These four are but a sampling of the many scenic routes America has to offer. No matter which road a traveler chooses one thing remains true: He or she is always guaranteed to end up somewhere, both in body and mind.

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  1. One of my dream trips would be taking a road trip along where the famous Route 66 once was… Although the original route isn’t there (not in its original shape or form), but I think it can still be traced, more or less… and the scenery, the towns, cities are still the same…

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