The Israeli Beauty & The Beast

You remember the story right?  Gorgeous girl meets really hairy man and they fall in love.  I have to tell you there are a lot of beauties here in Tel Aviv and a lot of hairy men too.  Hairy women? Not so much.  The situation in Israel is a love and hate relationship.  They love their hummus and Shuk Shaka and they hate receiving random rockets sent with love from cupid into their cities. The beast is the incredible amount of turmoil that the country faces and the beauty that very conflict is fueling a different part of Israel, the tech sector.

Did I mention there were a lot of beauties in Tel Aviv?

The only thing that I can compare it to are two extremes.  It’s like when you fall in love with someone that is the complete opposite of you.  I think I’m going to look for my love in the city of Tel Aviv but that’s besides the point.  Most of the modern inventions that you use today were either invented by the United States military or had their direct involvement.

tecnion university

The Virtual Labs at Tecnion University

Let me give you a few examples; bad haircuts, the internet, satellite technology, endless pit of hard earned tax dollars, penicillin, and even synthetic rubber.  Don’t forget to use protection folks.

There is a very unique dynamic in Israel where the military is essentially fueling the part of the economy.  The beauty of it is that it’s not only fueling the hi-tech sector, it’s also providing a massive highly skilled labor force that is effecting other parts of the economy as well.

This all combines into one massive circle that has allowed Israel to enjoy the benefits of being involved in some of the major high tech discoveries that you can think of.  While the world frowns upon Israel and the supposed decisions they make, they enjoy many of the inventions that have been directly involved by Israelis.

Irony anyone?

Paying with Millions of Dollars of Tecnion Property

The skin products that work wonders produced from the Dead Sea are being boycotted by people around the world, they obviously have great skin.  I think that if they are going to boycott Israeli products they should do it 100%.

Don’t use any kind of USB devices and don’t bother buying a laptop with an Intel Centrino Processor that revolutionized mobile computing.

Oh by the way, when you have heart problems caused by the fact that McDonald’s has better food than grandma, don’t bother using any of the tons of advances in hi-tech medecine.

One of the reasons that I travel is to really get to know countries and cultures on a much deeper level.  Everyone told me that Nairobi was nicknamed Nai-robbery and I needed to be extremely careful in the city.  While there has been a recent kidnapping by someone that went on safari, I never have felt in any danger in Kenya even when I was taking local transportation around the city.  We did almost get charged by a Buffalo on safari but I digress.

I am a real sucker for business and traveling to Israel has made me realize that I really can have that perfect hummus dipping technique.  It’s really fascinating to know that such a small country has been such an influence to the entire world.  Israel has the most companies listed on the Nasdaq stock exchange after Canada and the United States.

A country with a population of roughly 7.5 million people has the most startup companies in the world only after the United States, happens to be hiding the mother of my children, developed the widely popular Intel Centrino Chip, and even helped develop the cell phone.  Now how cool is that?


  1. I don’t want to argue with you, but I just want to point out that there is a big difference between a computer chip and a facial cream. One is created using the intelligence and brainpower from numerous individuals working to make a difference in the world. The other is created using natural resources from someone else’s property.

    1. You mean the land that they legitimately won in a war that they didn’t start? The same land that didn’t ask for independence when it was under Jordanian rule.. I told you not to bring this political talk to my blog. Go spend your time doing something else

  2. I had no idea Israel was responsible for so many brilliant inventions. It’s wonderful to see another side to an incredible country which is always shrouded in politics. Thank you for this.

  3. Well, Israel has a population of the most Jewish people who are known for their intelligence. They have contributed to the world be it medicine and technology. Many Nobel prize winners are Jewish. Even in the United States, they helped to create many companies that developed all these technologies. That’s why I respect them for their contribution to the world. It’s an amazing country with not much natural resource. Like Singapore, their most valuable natural resource is people.

    1. Jacky.. I wouldn’t completely agree with that. Israel does have some land resources the dead sea being one of them. In the deep south they also have Eilat and the coast which provides lots of resources. I would agree with you that the people are one of their most important resources though. Thanks for the comment Jacky

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