The Jordan Contest Winner Is Announced!

We announced late last year that we were going to give one lucky person the chance to visit Jordan. Hosting one of the new seven wonders of the world Jordan is a unique country with great things to offer.

Petra has been designated one of the new seven wonders of the world and is Jordan’s most visited tourist destination.

Since we are travelers that help others learn how to make a living day trading in the stock market we wanted to up the ante. The Jordan Tourism Board offered an all expenses paid trip to Jordan.  We then teamed up with Ninja Trader and our sister site, an online Day Trading Academy, to provide a once in a lifetime opportunity.

I formally introduce Tyler:

Tyler on his bike in Africa

Tyler on his bike in Africa

This would not just be a free trip to Jordan. This would be an opportunity to learn how to day trade while in Jordan. The concept is to experience the life that we live day trading and traveling around the world.

The winner is going to receive a free one year training program from us at The Day Trading Academy, a free one year license to the Ninja Trader program, and in all expenses paid trip to Jordan as mentioned above.

I wanted to provide an introduction to the winner as we do have a past together.

There were nearly 5000 people that applied for the contest. We whittled that number down to roughly 10 final contestants and once I realized that Tyler applied I was intrigued.

Jordan Tourism Board

Click on picture above to see full schedule provided by Jordan Tourism Board

He is an extremely interesting man that has the urge to live a life of adventure and exploration. It turns out that we met swimming on the edge of the Devils pool in Zambia.

We chatted about his current plans of writing a motorcycle through Africa and my plans of creating an army of day traders. All of them living the life they want to live of course.

Devils Pool, devil's pool zambia, devil's pool, devils pool Victoria Falls

The Devil’s pool on the edge of the Victoria Falls in Africa

We wanted to provide this opportunity to someone that would not just enjoy the trip to Jordan. It was also about choosing a winner that would take advantage of the unique opportunity to learn how to day trade.

Many people don’t realize how easy day trading actually is. I have made this my profession nearly 10 years through thick and thin.

Everyone wants to own their own business.  Day trading is the only business that is going to allow you to make more money in a recession and crisis than when things are going well.  During the 2001 and 2008 economic crises we were able to make the most money we have ever.

Here is a video of Tyler’s submission:

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