The Marathon Has Started!

My foray into India is all but gone but the marathon has just begun. At the end of last year I ended a three month trip traveling through India. I arrived in New York City for a day trading event and couldn’t be happier to arrive in the great US and A.

A comment was left on my Facebook page and it can’t be more true:

“There are two types of travelers, those who travel to India and those that don’t”

India is such a unique country and brings out the extreme of traveling, both positive and negative.  There are still so many stories to share and experiences to try to describe.

We had a great event in New York with my online Day Trading Academy and met tons of day traders from all around the world.

Times Square New York City

Times Square in New York City

After a brief jaunt to Tampa, Florida, to enjoy beautiful blue skies and delicious Latin food I was off to Europe again.

Visiting the obnoxiously expensive London for a week I was able to get a better feeling of the city than my previous visits. Before moving to Africa in 2011 I spent 24 hours in the city.

Just last year while attending the world travel market I lived in London for two months.

I was tied up with work and wasn’t able to experience the city in a way I wanted to.  I was able to visit Stonehenge and the popular Roman baths in the city of Bath which was quite a unique experience. This time I had a full week to walk around and get lost in a sea of London architecture.

architecture in London

The view had everyday when I opened the door. Gorgeous architecture in London

I’m currently in Berlin writing this post and have been enjoying the subtle snowstorms that fall on the capital of Germany.

Some interesting developments is that they do not called Diet Coke diet here, they call it Coca-Cola light.  Unusual in my eyes as I have only seen it Coca-Cola light in South America.

One of the things that I love about Europe is the quality of their food.

Even the sandwiches that I purchased at a local eatery taste better than the best places in the United States. Europeans take their food seriously which I am happy to indulge in.

It is currently 3.30am in the morning here in Berlin I am writing this post now because I have yet to acclimate my body to the new time in Europe. I have a flight at 8.20am to Jordan via a connecting flight in Vienna, Austria.

Oh if I only had the time to explore the beautiful city of Vienna.

traveling around the world

My current itinerary traveling around the world

Sadly, there is another adventure on the horizon. By the time you read this I will be in route to visit one of the new seven wonders of the world.  The magnificent Petra became more interesting as I recently discovered a monastery exists which is much larger than Petra.

The popular picture of Petra that everyone has seen is actually the treasury and happens to be Jordan’s most visited tourist attraction.

Petra is not the only reason why Jordan is going to be extremely exciting. We’ve run a contest that received nearly 5,000 contestants to invite someone to Jordan with me.  Courtesy of the Jordan tourism Board, I will be training Tyler (me Tyler here) one on one in order to learn how to use my Congressive Trading System.

Petra At Night

Petra At Night

Following our expedition in Jordan I will immediately arrive once again in the majestic city of Rio de Janeiro.

In an effort to create travel guides for Wandering Trader I’m visiting the city again to experience it in a different way.

With the World Cup and the Olympics arriving it would be great for travelers to have a firsthand account of Rio de Janeiro. I was able to live in the city for over six months and can share that is one of the most unique places that I have ever been.

We do plan on selling the guides but we plan on giving away free travel guides as well. Just enter your information below and we will let you know when the free guides are available.

After Brazil I’ll arrive at the financial metropolis that is Singapore.  This trip will be more about business than pleasure but I cannot promise that I will stay away from the rooftop pool at the Marina Bay Sands Infinity Pool.

At the end of my trip to Singapore I hope to report that I would have visited my seventh continent. At a brisk 29 years old I am closing in on 100 countries and will have visited all seven continents.

Arriving in Canada after Singapore I will be attending another travel conference called TBEX and then I will be heading to the only place I have called home over the years.

The city of eternal spring.

I’m moving back to Medellin to try and start a day trading center. We have preliminary plans for centers in South Africa, Peru, Colombia, India, and Singapore. The concept here is to train the locals to use the strategy that I used to make money in the markets.

Should be a great experience.

It will be almost 100,000 miles, about a week total in flights, and a damn good time.

Stay safe my friends.

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  1. You need to be open minded of you’re going to India. Also be prepared for anything! It’s a land of many cultures and colors, some people take time getting used to it and when you do, it great! But it is nice to leave and go home as well 😉

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