The South Sudan Visa Project

November 2011 UPDATE

I have officially dropped off my passport at the South Sudan Embassy in which I will return tomorrow to pay for the actual visa.  The only places where you are able to get the visa are Nairobi, Kampala, and Ethiopia.  If you read the story below you will find that I had many problems obtaining the visa in Nairobi, being that Addis Ababa is such a large diplomatic hub in Africa I decided to try my luck there.

Requirements for a South Sudan Visa

  • 2 copies of Passport
  • 2 passport size photographs
  • A letter saying why you want to visit South Sudan
  • $50 USD

At the top of my bucket list for Africa is visiting the newest country in the world, South Sudan.  There is a lot of miscommunication on many levels of where to get a visa for South Sudan.  This is especially true since there are Sudanese Embassies in many countries around the world and South Sudan has their own organization, GOSS (government republic of South Sudan), processing visas.  After hours of research online I found that there is a regional liaison office here in Nairobi where I am able to obtain the visa.

south sudan Flag

The South Sudanese Flag

When I started doing research a few months ago to get a visa there was only one office conveniently located in Nairobi.  Continuing my research, I found a new office in Kampala (Uganda) that started offering visas as well.  As of today, there are several GOSS offices in major cities around the world.  It’s great to see that the country is getting more and more organized as the time passes.

The requirements I have been given

  • Copy of passport
  • Copy of yellow fever vaccine
  • Letter Stating Reasons For Visit
  • 2 passport pictures
  • And if I’m not mistaken $50 for single entry visa
south sudan google maps

The new split sudanese google maps

The visa office happens to be conveniently located near the hostel I am staying at.  As you read this I will probably be making 100 trips to and from the GOSS office to get my visa.

One of the things that is different about getting a visa to South Sudan is I have to find their bank nearby and deposit the funds for the visa in their bank account.  God forbid they actually accepted money at their actual offices!  Once I get the visa for South Sudan I plan on leaving Nairobi while I explore Eastern Africa.

I’m going to make it a point not to enter Kenya after I finish traveling to the countries nearby in order to save money on the $50 visa fee every time I enter Kenya.  In order to get a multiple entry visa I have to go to the Kenya Tourism Office in Nairobi.  The last thing I want to do is have two African countries trying to process a visa.

As I sit here writing this post a young woman informed me that the capital of South Sudan is being moved to a random spot in the forest in the middle of the country due to legalities with land.  I honestly don’t know what there is to see in Juba or in South Sudan for that matter but I still want to say I have been to the newest country in the world.


  1. My site will have a guest post on South Sudan soon… I have a friend on the inside, it was great to see the interest… I am fascinated with visiting such a new nation myself. Good Luck.

    Stay Adventurous, Craig

  2. hi i want southsudan visa am open company in southsudan how to i need visa southsudan am now sudan khartoum any offer south sudan ?

    1. There are no embassies in Switzerland.. closes to you would be London but they still may not be processing visas there. Best bet is fly into Uganda and get your South Sudan visa in UGanda

    1. I would recommend reaching out to the possible DOD.. dept of defense in the US, in addition to private enterprises that are teaching English. The US in regarded very highly in South Sudan and there is a massive US complex

  3. Thanks for this information.
    I want to invest in South Sudan. Kindly give me a site where i can see the opportunities

    1. Osita you would have to go and see what the opportunities are at the moment.. I wouldn’t be able to tell you that as I did not actively look to invest in south sudan

  4. @tiblets: Re RSS embassy in Switzerland
    Of course, there is an embassy in Switzerland – its at the UN offices in Geneva, so no need to go to London.

  5. hi ineed visa information South Sudan.juba Kindly give me a where, i can see the opportunities my bussies aotomobil any local person i need

    1. Sorry Abdeta but I dont have any details about getting work in South Sudan. I do know that the country is importing heavily so I would recommend trying to find an expat group online of some sort. Sorry I couldn’t help a bit more

  6. Dear lovely one, how can i get southern sudan visa from mozambique.i need job from southern sudan.

    1. The only places I am aware of where you can get a visa is Kenya, Uganda, and Ethiopia. They may have opened up an office in Europe London’s office but those are the three where you can for sure get the visa. Not available in Mozambique

    1. You just get the visa at the border. Very similar to the Iguazu Falls where you just get the visa there on the border and go. Very easy process.

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