The Stupendous Argentine Comb Over

comb over instructions

Instructions to the classic comb over

UPDATED July 4TH- scroll to bottom for update

Of all the things that I have seen and experienced in Argentina this has to be one of my all time favorites.  Possibly one of my all time favorites of any of my trips overseas simply because I cannot stop laughing every time I talk to someone about this.  So after I discussed this topic with several people, added the juicy embellishments, and considered the cost to my karma.  I have come to conclusion that your humor and mirth is more important (forgive me Allah, God, Buddha, Jehovah, Jah, and every other god that has been invented in our back yards that we don’t know about yet).

A view of the side Argentine comb over

Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to introduce you to the Argentine comb over.  Not you’re typical over the top wonder, this comb over has been locked in the archives as the best of all time.  With some European swag, this comb over is delicately arranged from eyebrow to crown rather than your typical side saddle.  You have to be both bold and courageous to be able to pull this off.  You also have to be bold to try and catch a video of the comb over which I copied and pasted the pics from.  If you want a truly hilarious piece of video if I get enough requests I will upload it on this post.

A great shot at perfect comb over swag

You must wear a fancy suit so that the eyes will not be permanently locked on your new couture artwork.  If people stare too long you do realize this causes permanent damage.  I find it hilarious that there are only a handful of hairs that is caressing the impressive tourist attraction.  So when you are older (as my karma will most likely put me in this situation 20 years from now) please add a little style and flare to your comb over.  Don’t be like everyone else…. Otherwise your 10 minutes of fame wont be on a travel website from an American trying to make an extra buck.

Cheers to you Argentine comb over… cheers

SEPT 14TH 2010 – UPDATE:

I really thought this was a one time event (that I found immensely hysterical) but I have been mistaken.  A fashion movement has begun in Argentina: Italy has Armani, France has Louis Vuitton, the British have Burberry, and even Americans have big stomaches (oops I said that out loud)… I meant Kenneth Cole and Ralph Lauren.  When I was seeing all of the the most popular things to do in Buenos Aires, a soccer game (with the World Cup Champions Spain vs Argentina) I looked down and I was in awe with the beauty of this man’s dome.

comb over, american comb over, argentinian comb over

You definitely need a comb for that perfect technique

I clearly am not going to heaven for this post, either that or I will be losing all my hair and I will definitely rock the Stupendous Argentine Combover.  I just hope that by the time I am 40 it will still be in style because this kind of fashion really cant go away.  Another picture for funs sake:

Be weary of the staring at the hypnosis area

Cheers to you Stupendous Comb over.. Cheers

JAN 12TH 2011 – UPDATE:

comb over technique

This strapping young chap just happened to sit in front of the most courteous young man on the planet.  I not only identified his stupendous comb over technique, I had to use my under cover camera no flash picture taking skills to capture this wonder of the world.  Bariloche comb over – STUPENDOUS

MAR 12TH 2011 – UPDATE:

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Hint of dandruff flakes is a nice touch

Now this Argentine comb over is one of the best that I have seen.  Not only is the concentration of hair in the from of the head, you can see that he even accessorized his dome with hints of white dandruff and hairspray.  Nothing says Argentine comb over more than some extra accessories! lol. Ushuaia Comb over – Stupendous!



The Calafate Combover

The Calafate Combover

I introduce you ladies and gentlemen to the new and improved Calafate Argentine Comb over.  Not only do we have the perfect technique, but we have nice perfectly symmetrical sun spots.  As you can tell this young chap certainly posed for the picture leaning back with great form.  Calafate Combover: Stupendous!


    1. I will probably be in about 15 years so… that was soo funny.. I have to show you the video you can see me trying to get his hair and then he looks over so the video goes crazy… lol. good times in argentina

  1. Vaya, me acabo de encontrar con tu blog y he leído unos cuantos artículos. Parece que no te gustaran mucho los lugares que visitas (al menos los de América Latina) porque siempre tienes cosas negativas en las que reparar y poco o nada de positivo. Es como si no te gustase viajar, como si todo choque cultural con que todo viajero se encuentra fuese algo terrible, que sí lo es al comienzo, pero te quedas con esas impresiones. En fin, saludos y suerte en tus próximos viajes.

    1. Me encanta Latinoamerica… la razon que ya estoy viviendo aca.

      Lo que esta pasando es que estas tomando las cosas muy en serio. Mucho de los posts son chistes incluyendo este.

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