The Unspoiled Beauty Of Seychelles

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Seychelles is an African country of 115 islands, all of which on the Indian Ocean. Most of its islands are uninhabited, unspoiled by civilization. The archipelago lies northeast of Madagascar, off the coast of East Africa. It’s surprising how most people here speak French and English, although the locals are well versed in Seychellois Creole too.

City of Victoria in Seychelles

The beaches in Seychelles are refreshingly enticing for most tourists because they remain free from the exploits of mankind. Not all beaches there are safe for swimming though, mainly because of the strong winds. When you see a sign that warns against swimming, don’t ignore it. If you hike the coastline beginning from Beau Vallon all the way to Anse Major, you will find a small deserted beach suitable for swimming. The hike may take 2 hours but taking a swim on the beach at the end of it is truly rewarding.

Spending your holidays to Seychelles can’t be complete without succumbing to the calls of the ocean for some water sports. Months between May and October are the perfect times for windsurfing. Exploring the islands with a sailboat, catamaran, yacht, or a power boat is something you can do in Seychelles all year long. You might also want to explore the Aldabra Atoll, the largest coral atoll the world has ever seen. Home to tiger sharks, the giant land tortoise, and manta rays, Aldabra Atoll is the perfect destination for scuba diving, snorkeling, and even fishing.

Fisherman In Seychelles

And don’t fret about finding a good place to stay while in Seychelles. Even though the islands are unspoiled, there’s actually the Labriz Silhouette Hotel where you can stay. Aside from providing luxury accommodations, the hotel’s staff can also help you book tours of nearby islands. Labriz Silhouette Hotel has a beach front which means you don’t have to go hunting for swimmable beaches. The luxury hotel also has its very own spa, something you can take advantage of after a tiring day in the island country.

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