Best Things To Do In Costa Rica: Tourist Attractions

The things to do in Costa Rica are fun, thrilling, and sometimes unexpected!  The country has become a haven for expatriates, retirees, and even those looking for an old fashioned vacation.  Many have settled in the popular Jaco Costa Rica and San Jose (the capital) as well.  The culture is very open to foreigners and caters to both Europeans and Americans making it a great country to visit.  Here are the top 5 Costa Rica attractions:

Surfing in Costa Rica:

Catching my first wave in Jaco, Costa Rica

Costa Rica is often considered the Hawaii of Latin America with tons of ocean front and available beaches for the novice, intermediate, or advanced surfer.  This is by far the most popular of all Costa Rica attractions.  There are plenty of surfing companies to offer you surfing at any level of expertise with extremely reasonable prices.

With endless beach front the surf is available year round.  Make sure to stay on the board so a picture of you doesn’t end up on the internet with your face in the dirt.  If you really love surfing you should take a look at surfing at the geysers in Iceland.

Arenal Volcano & Surrounding Area

View from our room Arenal Volcano

This picture was taken with a cell phone believe it or not and it has become one of the best pictures I have ever taken.

Arenal Volcano is one of the ten most active volcanoes in the world and it provides a picturesque scene for both photographers and adventure seekers;  great opportunities to zipline (even zip line upside down), horseback riding, bungee jumping are all at your disposal.

Don’t forget to visit La Fortuna waterfall near Arenal Volcano for swimming and an incredible cold water Jacuzzi experience.  Our zip lining in Costa Rica experience at Arenal Volcano was exceptional since we were able to zipline through our hotel and over the pools.

Jaco Beach

Sunset on our first night at Jaco Beach, Costa Rica

A combination of Latin America and the United States.  This beach town’s reputation will fulfill every young person’s dream.  Parties, beaches, and culture that epitomize the Costa Rican phrase “PURA VIDA”.

The tons of ocean front mentioned come from both the Gulf of Mexico and also the Pacific Ocean.  The coral reefs in Costa Rica are famous around the world and provide excellent diving, snorkeling, and fishing excursions.  Parasailing, white water rafting, and sailing are also popular Costa Rica attractions.

Tropical Rainforest

Exploring wildlife in the rainforest

The natural resources in Costa Rica are vast and plentiful.  Mosquito bites are exceptionally generous as well, so bring plenty of bug spray.  Spectacular floral and vegetation are abundant throughout the forests.   Don’t forget to examine the colorful wildlife especially the birds.  Of course the exceptionally heat and humidity is also for the birds.  Tortuguero Canals is Central America’s answer for the Amazon.  A combination of man made and natural trails and waterways that anyone would be delighted to be a part of.


Tortuguero, tortugero national park

Tortuguero National Park

A key nesting area for the world’s most endangered species of sea turtles make the area around Tortuguero one of the most popular things to do in Costa Rica.

The actual definition of Tortuguero is land of turtles.  One thing that you may not know about this unique place is that there are no roads leading to the area.  The only way to get there is via boat or by airplane which helps preserve the unique area and the habitat that lives there.

Don’t forget to take a boat ride through the canals leading to the national park to see very unique species of plants and animals.

Check out our top 5 section for more things to do around the world!  You can also view pictures of Costa Rica here.


  1. Very cool article, I just moved to Costa Rica and have already done most. I also suggest to go downtown and check out the shops it's another world there. And wondering will always get you into interesting little towns like Santa Ana and Escazu

  2. We got there rented a van and just started driving, we had a really great time. I may go back after my trip to South America, also would like to go to Panama and swim in Honduras. Thanks for the comment

  3. Thanks for the comment!! Would it surprise you if I told you I took that picture with my cell phone? I couldn't believe how good it came out

  4. Thanks for the comment!! Would it surprise you if I told you I took that picture with my cell phone? I couldn't believe how good it came out

  5. Nice pictures you have here. I like that one you made with phone, I have old Samsung Omnia 1800 II and still making kick-ass photos, but not like your Volcano.
    That frog on the palm, isn’t it dangerous ? Like, her poison can kill 80 people or something ?

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