Top 5 reasons for living overseas rather than vacationing

Everyone is very familiar it, that emotion that rises up as the time approaches.  You tally the days and scour the internet for advice along with detailed information to make it as enjoyable as possible.  Once it arrives it passes at a blink of an eye, prompting you to look forward to the next time it’s within arm’s reach.

At the end of every vacation everyone turns to each other and without delay state: “I wish we could have stayed longer” or “it went by so fast”.  That’s what happens when you take a 2 week vacation or a long weekend somewhere.  Here are the top 5 reasons to consider living overseas for any period of time and stop vacationing.

1.  It can save a lot of money:

If you move overseas, for as little as a month or as long as a few years, it allows you to set up a home base around the area of interest.  Two or three vacations can now be consolidated into one and you wont have to buy flights back and forth.  Consider South America, if you are able to focus your efforts on living in Buenos Aires you have Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, even Peru just a few hours away via flight.  This will save a tremendous amount of money on airfare and it opens a world of possibilities for eating and lodging.

2.  More enjoyable:

An extended stay opens the possibility of renting an apartment rather than staying at hostels or couch surfing.  Being a proponent of both, having your own place is incredibly satisfying.  No more waiting for a computer to access the internet.

Many apartments offer their own Wi-Fi connection and sometimes computers!  Everyone loves to have a clean wardrobe.  Now that becomes a reality since apartments offer washers and driers included in your stay.  No more waiting for hosts to come home so you can settle down for the night since you are able to come and go as you see fit.

And although everyone loves to eat out, having your own apartment gives anyone the opportunity to go out to the local grocery and experience the art of cooking.  If cooking is not your specialty, they have great foreign junk food in grocery stores as well.

3. Availability:

Suddenly, there is no reason to rush.  How many times was a location skipped because there wasn’t enough time for it?  The likelihood of seeing all the sites and wonders of the places you have been dying to visit don’t have to take a back seat.  Immersing yourself in your new home’s culture will be fun and exciting as you discover more than you have ever dreamed.

4.  Make new friends:

One or two weeks aren’t enough time to get to know anyone.  There are burning questions you have for people in different cultures:  Does the water in the toilet actually turn the opposite direction?  Where is the nearest Starbucks to buy my mocha frap double caramel triple shot espresso coffee?  All extremely important questions I know, all of which you will never have an answer to until you get to know someone.  Some travelers are even able to make lasting friendships that stand the test of time

5.  Airports are no longer best friends:

Does anyone really enjoy spending their time at an airport?  I’m sure everyone takes pleasure in overpriced fast food and sleeping in upright chairs while the snoring from the man next to you keeps you awake.  I would applaud the man (or woman) that doesn’t get bored with the hours of time spent reading and replaying the entire playlist in an iPod.

Until next time

Marcello Arrambide

Wandering Trader


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