Best Things To Do In England: Tourist Attrractions

Looking for the best things to do in England? The top tourist attractions in England include visiting the capital of the home of an empire where the sun never set.  At one point in history the British Empire was so vast that it controlled one quarter of the Earth’s land surface.  You can take a stroll on the funny tour buses, try to make the royal guards laugh, poke fun at the tiny black taxis, and taste some of the world’s least tasteful foods.  Don’t forget to get your measurements to get one of the best tailored suits in the world.  Here are the top five things to do in England

Windsor Castle-

Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle

Built in 1070, it is one of the most popular historic and well preserved from the medieval times.  Its close association to the British royal family allows it a sense of romance and adventure that few castles in England can match.  Please don’t go the castle if you are a fire bug as a large portion of the castle was burned in the 1992.  You may be searches, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Canterbury Cathedral-

Canterburry Cathedral

Canterburry Cathedral

This cathedral was around built before your great, great, great, great, great (get the point yet?) grandmother was born.  There has been a cathedral on this site since 597 and many royal weddings have been held here.  Many of England’s famous religious leaders have been associated with this famous landmark.

Stone Henge-


Stonehenge On A Beautiful Day

One of the best tourist attractions in England! Built by the ancients of Britain and ruined by Chevy Chase in the movie European Vacation, this landmark’s purpose has still not been completely found.  Some claim its purpose is to determine the movement of the sun and stars and others feel it is a religious.  Whether either or both are true, make sure not to jump on any of the boulders because that will be an expensive repair bill.


Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace & The Victoria Monument

London is not only one of the best things to see in England but one of the most multicultural cities on Earth, London is one of the financial capitals of the world.  What London is lacking is tasty national dishes.  Not being known for good food, London is still a place for sightseeing and relentlessly chasing the Queen and her entourage.  I will give you a monetary reward if you are able to get through to the Queen since it has not been done since great break in at Buckingham Palace.

London offers so many attractions, there are an incredible amount of options to consider. Make a tour plan when visiting London is highly recommended.

Roman Baths-

Roman Baths in Bath, England

The Roman Baths in Bath, England

As the name indicates, this site was built by the Romans.  The baths have historically been a site for wiping away your stench and restoring good health.  Be aware of the urinators as they don’t have the water that turns blue when that happens.

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