The Top Things To Do In Brazil: Tourist Attractions

The top things to do in Brazil include many things that most people wouldn’t even think of. Now that the World Cup has finished I thought it would only be fitting to do a post on what I considered to be the best things see in Brazil. Would it really surprise you to know that the most popular tourist attractions in Brazil include more than just the beach (and women)? Brazil is both the 5th largest country in the world and also has the fifth largest population with over 200 million people.

And each one of those 200 million people will be some of the nicest people that you will meet in the world.

As a day trader that makes a living in the financial markets I would also note that Brazil now has one of the ten largest economies in the world. There is so much more to Brazil than women and beaches :).

I was able to live in Brazil for over 6 months in one of the most unique cities in the world, Rio De Janeiro. I would easily consider it one of the best places  live in  South America. While this is the first place (and for many the last place) many tourists visit the best things to see in Brazil vary widely.

Brazil is big. Very big. So while I don’t want to include a post with 1 million things to do these are what I would consider the best tourist attractions in all of Brazil.

Here are the top things to do in Brazil:

Bundas in Brazil

Bundas on the beaches of Brazil

Brazilian Women

I’m a purveyor of fine art and Brazilian women are some of the most beautiful women in the world. Many men will travel from the ends of the Earth to see the bundas (curvaceous backsides) on the crisp coastline of the entire country. I will note that while women in Brazil are gifted physically they also have incredible personalities. Don’t all guys want a woman with a great personality?

Meet the Brazilian Halle Berry. She has a GREAT PERSONALITY.

Lençóis De Maranho

Lencois De Maranho is one of the most incredible places that I have ever seen and heard of. Outside of the skeleton coast in Namibia, this would be one of the most unique deserts in the world. During the rainy season there are lakes that fill up inside the sand dunes creating an absolutely epic opportunity.  Should definitely plan on heading here to experience something that you can’t do outside of Brazil. The pictures are pretty amazing too.

Jericoacoara aka The Brazilian Maldives

One of the first things to do upon arriving in Brazil in my opinion. Picture the bluest and greenest of waters in the world. Now picture thick wooden sticks drenched deep into the floor.  Now take a deep breath as you sit in a hammock sipping a cold Caipirinha.  What makes this place so unique is that these are actually fresh water lagoons, not salt water beaches.

lagoa paraiso, lagoa paraiso jericoacoara

Picture of the Brazilian Maldives

Many of my well-traveled friends didn’t even know this place existed. I didn’t either until the Brazilian Halle Berry told me about it.  Once I saw the pictures I booked a flight almost the next day. It’s that freedom we always mention here in WanderingTrader. There are even sand dunes and an amazing rocky beach nearby to visit.

This would be, BY FAR, my top tourist attraction in Brazil after Rio.  

Chapada Diamantina & Salvador

Another top thing to see in Brazil that you most likely didn’t know existed. This is the Midwest of Brazil. Chapada Diamantina in the state of Bahia is a few hours from the historic city of Salvador.  The park contains mountain peaks that span for miles, cave complexes with unreal clear blue see through water, cliffs that you will want to climb, waterfalls, ponds, etc. Very uncommon place especially for Brazil.

Salvador is one of the oldest city in the America’s and, unfortunately, is also the site of the first slave trade. The historic pebble streets are known worldwide when Michael Jackson filmed his music video here.  The colonial architecture and bright colored buildings will make you feel at home. Make sure to see the Lacerda  Elevator while you are roaming the streets.

Chapada Diamantina

The caves in Chapada Diamantina, Brazil

Brazilian Women

After you get to see the bundas on the beach be sure to try some of the fantastic Brazilian Food that these women make. A brigadiero will sent your taste buds on fire. Also be friendly. Women in Brazil are some of the most open and friendly women I have ever met in the world.

The Majestic Iguazu Falls

By far one of the top things to do in Brazil and a great entry point into the country.  The Brazilian consulate at the bordering cityof the Iguazu Falls provide same day visas into Brazil. This means that you won’t have to go through the complicated visa application process that is normally required to enter the country. The only down side here is that you will only receive a 30-90 day visa instead of a 10 year visa.

iguazu falls

The Iguazu Falls on the border of Paraguay, Argentina, and Brazil

There is a debate whether the Argentinean or Brazilian side is better to see. If you are already there I would say do both. The Brazilian side of the Iguazu Falls is the only place where you can take a helicopter ride. At roughly $100 per person, it is highly recommended.


Carnival is often times the main attraction people look for in Brazil. It is one of the biggest parties on Earth where the entire country grinds to a complete stand still for a full week in February (actually longer, you know Brazilian time).  The best time to visit Brazil is actually right after Carnival starting around early March to late February. The temperature cools down and most of the tourists leave.

brazil carnival 2011, carnival 2011, carnival in salvador, carnival in brazil, pictures of carnival, pictures of salvador

Obama in Brazil during Carnival. LOL!


A complete surprise on of the things to do in Brazil list that most people wouldn’t even consider. The wetlands offer a unique side of the country that most don’t know exist. Incredible animals, picturesque lakes, rivers, and ponds, jaguars, flora and fauna.

Think about it.

Just look at these photos on Google.

Rio De Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro is on another level. You can find almost anything in the fomer capital of Brazil. Everything from the most scenic beaches like the infamous Copacabana beach and local favorite Ipanama.  With rising hills spreading the city towards the coast one can find incredible hiking opportunities. The culture and arts in the newly renovated Cinelandia district (my old home) is definitely to be explored. There is luxury in the city as well in Leblon or Baja de Tijuca and also great local flare considering it is one of the most special cities, not only in the world, but in Brazil.

famous steps in rio de janeiro

It is the place where the entire country converges and the unique blend of European and African history comes together. It is one of my favorite cities.  See all of my Rio De Janeiro pics here.

Friendly Rio tip, stay away from Copacabana and head to Ipanema. Post 9. Thank me later.

The Incredible Beaches

I couldn’t list the top tourist attractions in Brazil without listing the beaches.  I wanted to include this at the end to at least give you a few to consider. Jericoacoara would be one of my top choices as I mentioned earlier but there is a long coastline to choose from in Brazil. Here area a few popular beaches to visit whether you are looking for crisp blue water, bundas grandes, or just a good relaxing experiencing.

Brazilian Women

I don’t think I have mentioned the women of Brazil yet but wanted to make a small mention here.  Even if your married you can go window shopping :). Although most men look at Brazilian women as sex objects I would recommend that you try to get to know them. They love to have fun, dance, and are very open to making new friends.

Copacabana Beach Rio De Janeiro

Copacabana Beach in Rio De Janeiro

The end.



  1. There’s something contradictory here. You say that Brazil isn’t only bundas but only shows their bundas. We also have a lot of sympathy, show beautiful smile plastered of happiness of the Brazilian people.
    The government has struggled to reverse the image of Brazilian women are just bundas and all are prostitutes, because behind this there is a criminal guangue exploiting women. You’re practically making apology to sex tourism. We don’t want and don’t need that kind of tourist in our country.
    You should be more careful with what shows on your blog.

    1. Correction Daniely… I showed one bunda. The post is over 1000 words and has over 10 topics. I talked about the women of Brazil with cander as a joke as most people do only know Brazil because of the women. There are plenty of other things posted in the article. I thought about it carefully and many people thought the post was good. Best of luck to you.

  2. Well, let me get this straight to you: it’s offensive how you objectify women in Brazil, making them seem like they’re there just for you fun and amusement. And I’m not even getting started in your sexist shit of “the food women make”. Grow up, men cook as well.

    1. I find it very offensive that you are actually implying that. The fact of the matter is that is the culture of Brazil. Men objectify women and women objectify men. I’d also like to inform you that the women of Brazil are the some of the nicest and beautiful women on Earth. Take your offensive statements elsewhere.

  3. First of all, I’m of course against sexual tourism.
    Marcello is not making any propaganda of it.
    I think it is like Amsterdam. There is lot of more in Amsterdam than coffeeshops, but they are there and it is difficult to not talk about it.

    About the Brazilian women body!
    I also think it is a little hypocrite, they spend a lot of money on their body, on their appearance, they use mini bikinis.
    If they are on the beach, it is impossible not notice!

    Ah, I’m Brazilian too.
    Marcello thanks for talking a bit more about Brazil than Rio, Salvador and Amazonas.
    And yes, Brigadeiro is the heaven on Earth! 😉

    1. Hi .. I’m brazilian too and i agree with you Talihdv. Thankyou Marcelo for talk about other places in Brazil like Foz do Iguaçu that i really love. And you all are mad please go to look you at mirror and judge yourselves. PS: i don’t speak english very well

  4. You quoted fabulous places , but one of my favorite places in Brazil , is the Big Island , Arraial do Cabo, Campeche Island in Florianopolis

  5. The most ridiculous post about Brazil I ever seen. I’m almost sure, you are a pimp offering sex tourism.

      1. Again: you are the victim here?

        So a number of people disliked what you have to say and you still cry foul because you can’t see past your own nose? Come on buddy…

  6. What a disgusting post. It is not even informative, it is only questionable opinions and offenses. We could live without it.

  7. Please, correct your post: replace “Lencóis de Maranho” to Lençois Maranheses! Also, yes, you wrote a lot about bundas, and yes, the woman in Brazil deserve respect!

  8. You should try Fernando de Noronha archipelago, one of the most untouched nature reserves of Brazil. Although is widely explored by luxury tourism, it stills a very preserved place for those who likes sea and wildlife.

  9. The post is ridiculous completely objectifying Brazilian women and then trying to justify it by claiming they all have nice personalities so it’s more than ok for you to drool over them.
    Also the fact you can’t take criticism even though many people have mentioned the same problem over and over, is more than pathetic.

    1. You need to chill out. He likes Brazilian women. I don’t know anything about Brazil, but I know the women have great asses and that you have a state sponsored competition for that!!!

      Twice in this article he said “get to know Brazilian women because they are high quality women”. Not “go get a cheap Brazilian prostitute because its legal there”.

      I’m offended by your comments.

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