Travel to Colombia: Things Never Found In The United States

Traveling to Colombia and other countries around the world will definitely make you laugh.  One of the things that I love about traveling overseas is comparing cultures.  The best thing to do or wear in one country might be a recipe for disaster in another.  Two prime examples would be the Stupendous Argentina Comb Over & the insatiable ugly jeans in Chile.  Here are some things in Colombia that you would never find in the United States.

This first picture is just down right disgusting… Who eats fried chicken with a glove!?  Someone contact the KFC police or at least Queer Eye for a Straight Guy (Google it). I mean the guy behind him is clearly in shock.  And what the heck is in that yellow and white contraption in under the piece of chicken?  Is that supposed to catch the grease or are those yellow Legos?

eating in colombia, eating in cartagena, chicken in colombia

Perfect technique....


Bad boys.. bad boys.. what you gonna do?  What you gonna do when they come for you?  Aside from have two spelling mistakes and grammar errors in that last sentence did anyone else notice the weird hat on that guys head in the middle of this picture?  And aside from the guy on the left having a seizure when I took this picture why is the guy on the right 16 years old?  Is it legal for a 14 year old to be holding an automatic weapon?   Ohh look!  Gummi Bears on the right!

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They Look Just A Bit Serious


I am very confused.  Where did the fourth wheel go?  Did they let someone borrow it or does the surprised look on the kids face signify that he finally realizes there should be four wheels on this thing?  What do you call this anyway?  This is obviously not a rickshaw and not even a motorcycle.  Ohhh I know! Rickcycle.  I cannot stop thinking about what the beginning of the word UNTO is….

Rickshaw in Colombia, transportation in colombia, colombia transportation

Man Power is always best!


Yellow taxi, check.  Helmets for motorcycle, check. Cute black gloves, check.  I may just be over thinking this but where is his left hand?

scooters in colombia, colombia scooters, colombia transportation

I'll give $100 to any Men that would ride this way in United States


The Gum Hustler.  I completely forgot this guys name but OBVIOUSLY his name is Mario or Luigi and he works for CO.  Look itsa me mamma mia.. Luigi!  You can find every possible item that you need in that little briefcase.  What the heck is that black thing on the top right?  We can only guess.  The most common item sold here at Luigi’s Gum Hustle are: gum, chips, lollipops, and if I’m not mistaken he has some confidence in his back pocket also.

gum hustler, selling gum colombia, places to buy things in colombia, parque lleras

Check out those goodies!


If there is one thing I love about Colombia its the fact that anyone can have a good time.  Doesn’t matter if you are young or old, purple or white, grey hair or no hair.  At the clubs in Colombia you will often find the older people having more fun than any of the younger counterparts.  I encourage you to watch the entire video so you can see the Colombian guy in this video trying to pick up the old white lady.  For the record I shake my bum like him, the man has got some serious skill.


The Minuto Swindler.  Look at that pimp stance this minuto   swindler has.  She knows that no matter who comes along she is going to hustle those minutos like you give yourself compliments before you walk outside the bathroom for a date.  Ladies, it is not cool to put makeup on while you drive.  And what would you call the hair cut of the guy in the green shirt in the middle of this picture? Awkward.

selling minutes in colombia, minutes in medellin, minutos in colombia

Nothing like Hustling some Minutos


The Veggie Cart.  I wonder if the lady in the pink shirt really thought that was a good deal.  The gentlemen in the blue obviously thought so.  There are carts all over the city with veggies and fruits on them.  Buy at your own risk!  They are fresh and delicious.

food in colombia, vegetables in colombia, food on the street colombia

We got Broccoli Ladies and Gentlemen! Broccoli


  1. The video was classic. It was 50 seconds long, and I had a smile on my face for 47 of them. The first three second were funny too, but it took three seconds for my motor skills to kick in.

  2. Loved eating fried chicken with a glove! Awesome memory of a long travelling day, starving at night. That chicken was fantastic 🙂

    1. Its awesome after that since your hand doesn’t get so greasy.. lol. I hate it because your hand starts to sweat.. its like its been locked up in a sauna the entire time that you are eating.. hahhahaah. Thanks for the comment Kate

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