Reflecting On Traveling Around The World: The Reunion

Traveling around the world it seems appeals to everyone now a days.  I suspect that it is not the act of traveling that appeals to most but the art of having one’s freedom and living their own lifestyle.  I officially decided to leave the United States and start traveling around the world roughly 3 years ago.

It seems it was just yesterday that I was just taking trips from the four weeks of generous “vacation” provided by my job over five or six years ago. There was a moment when I decided there was a completely different life I wanted to live.

A life that would be defined of what I consider success, my freedom.

Most of us go through a moment in life when were tired of watching a football game on Sunday or going to the mall on Saturday. Perhaps even going to the local pub and grabbing a drink every day after work.

While the routine is fun sometimes we need a bit of excitement. The possibility of seeing a picture in National Geographic and deciding to buy a flight the next day to that very destination was the life I wanted to lead.

That came true when I saw a picture of the stone forest in Madagascar and prompted to arrive at that very destination four months later

On this current around the world trip I have visited over 50 countries and something along the lines of over 200 cities.

I’ve been lucky enough to do more things in the last six months alone that more people do in a lifetime.

I visited every country in Eastern Africa including Somalia, and even the newest country in the world, South Sudan.  I have seen and experienced nearly every tourist attraction in South America. The only major attraction missing is the Galapagos islands and a handful of cities in Ecuador. I visited my seventh continent in Australia and finally got a taste of Southeast Asia.

Marcello Arrambide in Ushuaia, Argentina

Marcello Arrambide in Ushuaia, Argentina

One of the most meaningful accomplishments that I have is actually getting to know the locals of each country I visit. I prefer to stay in the destination longer than most in order to really get a feel of the culture. I have actually lived in 12 countries spanning five continents.

Australia, I’m coming for you soon.

Instead of traveling from hotel to hotel and I rent and live overseas with furnished apartments.  This is all due to the requirements of my profession, day trading. It also allows me to travel the way that I love to.

The beautiful thing about travelers that there are no time periods, there are no tests to pass, there are no colors to choose from:

There is only one option, experience.

This allows me to get to know cultures on a much deeper level than most.  I always try to find a local neighborhood and try to meet the locals and do what they do, experience with the experience, and honestly get upset when I realize I don’t have my American conveniences.

Traveling around the world has meant a lot of things and will mean a lot of things to a lot of people.  I think it calls attention of most because of the excitement and freedom that it brings.


Marcello Arrambide at the hand in the sand Chile

Marcello Arrambide at the hand in the sand Chile

I now have come full circle and have returned to Toronto, Canada, where everything began for me a few years ago.

I have a career and businesses I can run from an Internet connection anywhere around the world.  There was nothing holding me back from anything I wanted to experience.

I do remember the feeling of actually quitting my job.

The actual motion and fear of the unknown. The uncertainty of arriving at a destination that no longer knowing where things were or how to find them. It is that very thing that kept me tied to my job for so long.  If it wasn’t for the fear of the unknown I would have left my job years earlier.

I write this just to reflect on how my life has changed ever since I decided to live this new lifestyle. I know many continue to ask how it is possible that I do what I do. Unlike other people I do have a profession to fall back on but that is not what holds back most of people.

It really is the simple fear of letting go, the anxiety of the unknown.

I was making a great living not only at my job but also via day trading. I had saved up a significant amount of “emergency funds” were I didn’t have to think about making money anymore. I even had an extra source of income via day trading where I didn’t have to worry about making money either since I was able to do it every day.  I had achieved a level of consistency for a significant period of time where I knew I was sure I could make money.

Marcello Arrambide in Ottawa, Canada

Marcello Arrambide in Ottawa, Canada

And yet even with all that I was still afraid to go.

I know that it may be hard for most of us to open the door to the unknown. To close the door behind us and only see an endless road not knowing where it will lead.

Most of the travelers I know and have met always return home.  They always have the destination where their parents are based, or where they rented a basement to put their things, or the house they always return to relax and get caught up on things.  The place they grew up.

I have been lucky enough to find new homes as I continue to travel around the world.

An education at a four year university is part of the reason I was not living my dreams earlier. If an education is what one seeks then traveling around the world will prove to be the best education anyone  can spend money on.  I can attest to this by accumulating nearly $100,000 in student loans after they provided a paper I will never use in my lifetime.

Fear not the friends that one may or may not meet as there are things much worse in life than being lonely.  Sacrifice what you must in order to have a dream come true.  If you are open and friendly believe that a family will be found, local or tourist is relative.

If you don’t follow your dreams then they are not going to come true.  Have faith that the world will unfold the way it’s meant to.

But if you don’t take the first step then nothing we want in life will ever get started.


  1. You seem to always have your hand(s) up in the air when you’re posing for the camera! Try something else, how about upside-down ? 😉 Btw, the best way to let go and dive into the unknown is bungee jumping, all your fears just vanish!

  2. You will love Australia. A great casual laid back style style awaits you. Every time I return home I am still amazed at the light here. It is unique and we have travelled extensively. Hope you enjoy and will look forward to your posts. Regards, Paula

  3. I completely agree – traveling provides far more of an education than a university ever will. Curious – What American convenience do you find yourself missing most?

  4. We sold up too and are drifting the world slowly as we work on our online projects. But the only convenience we miss is Internet speed! Which has made things difficult from time to time! We are 15 months into our travels and it is a luxury of space and freedom 🙂

  5. Great post. I’m also traveling the world. Right now I’m doing the Mongol Rally with Norbert from Globo Treks.

    When are you visiting Australia? I’m moving there for a year in Jan.

  6. Hey Marcello que tal ? I am 20 years old from Ottawa Canada. I started my own travelling lifestyle this past January by spending 5 weeks road tripping across Costa Rica. I realized 5 weeks flies by way too fast when you are learning something new almost every hour. I plan on spending longer period of time on my next adventure and I was wondering if you could help me out with some new fresh ideas on where to travel next.
    best regards,

  7. Ha! I was actually skimming through all of your posts and wondering if you have ever been to Australia! Where are you planning to go? Since you have been so helpful with my South American Adventure, I would be happy to return the favour! Ha.

    Australian born & Bred over here – Melbourne town! 🙂

    – Kara

  8. One of the simplest but best quotes ever is from Joseph Campbell, when he said to “Follow your bliss”. I believe if we follow our bliss, that’s the guide to our best, happiest, and most fulfilling lives.

    It definitely can be scary at first, but if you just take that first step and believe in yourself, I really believe wonderful things will continue to happen. Another quote I always have close in my mind is something I heard Wayne Dyer say. He said that if you really want to do something, your heart tells you that you want to do it, then you will NEVER EVER regret doing it, but if you don’t take that chance and do it, you may always regret not doing it. Whatever it is that our heart is telling us to do, I hope we can listen to that over the fears, and I believe that’s one way to live a life without regrets. It doesn’t matter what we’ve done up to this point, it’s all about what we choose to do now, what we want to do now. Starting today, our future lives are a completely blank canvas, and we can paint whatever we want 🙂

    Thanks for all the inspiration Marcello,

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