Traveling to Santorini: Top Tourist Attractions

traveling to sanorini best things to do

When traveling to Santorini, the top tourist attraction is just simply being there! Considered as one of the most romantic and serene places in the world, there is no shortage of fun for when you get bored with gazing out at the beautiful surroundings and views of the Caldera.

Listed here you will find the top tourist attractions for when you are visiting Santorini.

Helicopter Tours of Santorini

Unlike the boat tours these do get fully booked, so reserve early. Tours last 20 minutes, 30 minutes, or 1 hour and you get incredible views of the caldera, cliffs, volcano, vineyards, and towns.

traveling to santorini

Explore the island from a different view, great for aerial photos!

Outdoor Cinema in Kamari

Who doesn’t like watching movies outside?! This outdoor cinema in Kamari is awesome and considered as one of the best in all of Europe! Its well worth a visit if you are visiting Santorini through the high seasons of April – August.

Take a break from the beautiful views of the Caldera and get cozy under the stars with some wine, beer, and snacks that are available at the kiosk. Movies are on daily and they usually start around 9:30pm.

best things to do in santorini attractions

Traveling to Santorini: Top Attractions

Take a sunset cruise out to Swim in the Hot Springs

The santorini sunsets are magnificent. What better way to see the sunset hit the white washed houses from out on the ocean with a glass of champagne.

Before the sun sets, you will be taken out to the natural hot springs where you will jump from the boat into the cold water of the caldera then swim towards the warm water of the volcanic springs. It never gets hot but it’s warm enough to never feel the need to get out.

The different options for boat tours include: hike the volcano, swim in the hot springs, visit the area of Thirassia and explore its villages, stop at Red Beach and White Beach to swim and snorkel, eat lunch or dinner on board, and watch the sunset below Oia.

Atlantis is believed to be buried under these waters around Santorini… so take a snorkel with you if you feel like diving for treasures!

traveling to santorini popular attractions

Santorini sunsets are famous all over the world, enjoy the view from a cruise out on the water for a different perspective

The Seafood Restaurants Of Amoudi Bay

Ammoudi Bay is a small picturesque bay just below Oia. This is where you will probably see some of the most crystal clear sea waters in your life!

You can go to Ammoudi by going down the stairs from Oia or by driving through the road and park a few meters before the bay.

It’s surprisingly quiet down here and you can usually get away without a reservation.

top tourist attractions in santorini

If you love seafood this is a great place to stop for lunch and is only a short walk down the the bay from Oia

Spend an afternoon visiting the wineries

Wine production in Santorini dates back to Roman times and it is still one of the main local products of the island. Artisanal wines, lovely terraces, incredible views and amazing Greek Food.

Red Beach & Akrotiri

Santorini’s beautiful beaches are legendary but the unique Red Beach is even more amazing and unique with each famous red and black volcanic pebbles. It’s only a short walk from the ancient site of Akrotiri.

Visiting Akrotiri is like traveling back in time. Walk around the streets and squares of a prehistoric city, admire the elegant mansions and high finesse of the 17th century B.C. If you have time, visit some of the Castles and Fortresses that are around this part of the island too.

santorini tourist attractions

Red Beach, Santorini

Hike the trail between Oia and Fira

This one can easily be the highlight of your trip to Santorini. It’s roughly a 2-3hr hiking trail which can be a bit steep at some points but it’s definitely worth doing as it will reward you with some of the best views of the island.

Make sure you do the hiking early morning or late in the afternoon as in the summer the sun gets very hot so take plenty of water with you, and sun cream.

best things to do in sanorini

Hiking the trail from Thira to Oia, Santorini

Eat Baklava and Gyros

You have to try a baklava and ice cream if you’re in Greece. Lucky’s is a small Gyros stand on the main street of Fira and a 3 minute walk from the bus station. (Ask anyone and they’ll point you in the right direction).

This is the real thing and just as good as anything you’ll find in Athens or mainland Greece.

traveling to santorini attractions

Baklava is a traditional Greek desert of nuts, filo pastry and honey

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