Traveling to Israel is like Colombia, Sababa Parce!

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Welcome to Medellin

I didn’t know that two countries that were so different could have so many similarities.  Both countries happen to be bordered by 5 countries and have a great coastline.  While I didn’t get to explore the coastline in Israel, be aware that the Colombian Coast is the land of hustlers.  It isn’t so much the tourist attractions or even the terrains, it’s all about the people.

Sababa = cool, okay, great, no worries

The first similarity is that the women in both countries are gorgeous.  And quite skinny compared to the McDonald’s injected American women (still love you ladies!) While there are many beautiful women around the world, the personality of Colombian women brings them to the top of many men’s list.  I found in many situations women to have personalities that are as beautiful as their physical features.  I don’t know if it’s because I learned how to speak Hebrew pretty well, but you can always get a good first impression of people by gauging their body language.

Parce = comrade, friend, bro

The next and most important thing are the formalities in the country of Israel.  I was raised in a Latin household and have been around Latin people for most of my life.  I have never once experienced Latin people to be so polite and genuine as the people in Medellin, Colombia.

Colombian Men

Two Parce's I met in a Colombian Ghetto

There is a difference between someone acting polite and actually being genuine about it.  I don’t want to downgrade your view of my Latin brethren, but Latin people are more likely to break rules and take shortcuts.  Look at how backwards South America is?  Need another example?  Look at the mini South America in Miami, Fl.

I consider the Miami Intl Airport to be THEE worst airport in the United States

The people of Israel are about as open and polite as they get.  I could really see this across the entire country since there are so many different kinds of Israelis and religions as well.  In the United States, you are free to pray to the Krispy Kreme man if you wish, but the people in the United States aren’t as open as those in Colombia and  Israel.   It’s well known that Americans are typically more reserved and prefer their privacy.

Partying in Tel Aviv, Tel aviv nightlife

Partying in Tel Aviv (Aussie on the left)

Another similarity is the tumultuous past that both countries have had and the image that they are trying to change.  This is the main reason why the Israel Ministry of Tourism invited me on a 13 day trip of Israel to share my thoughts about the country (Toda Raba guys!).  They didn’t tell me what to write or how to write it, they simply told me to share what I thought.  Colombia has been stricken with drug wars and Israel has been hit by actual wars from neighboring countries.

I can tell you after my trip to both countries you should seriously consider visiting both Colombia and Israel.  You actually should move there. Seriously.  Both have positives and negatives and I would love to get your opinion after you visit both countries.

I know that some of you will ask why isn’t Israel as open to the Palestinians then if they are so nice?  I won’t get into political banter since that is the fastest way to make this website self destruct.  But what I will respond to that is why don’t you hear about the way American’s treat Mexicans that cross the border illegally?

Or how about the kidnapping capital of the United States?

In 2009, Phoenix had more kidnappings than any other city in the world except Mexico City.  Makes the dangers in Colombia seem like a 5th grade bully doesn’t it?  It isn’t all about the conflict that a country has.  While Iran is a very dangerous place to be right now, I have heard from many sources that the people of Iran are beautiful people (not talking about their looks).

I am not telling you to be naive and ignore what’s going on in both countries, I am telling you to check things out.  I would consider the conflict zone in Israel to be one of the things to see in Israel.  As the tourism industry keeps exploding in Colombia, one of the top tourist attractions in Colombia is going to see Pablo Escobar’s (drug kingpin) house.  I completely forgot to mention the nightlife for both countries but just know that both are amazing!

Are there still drug wars in Colombia? Sure.  Is there still conflict in Israel? Absolutely.  As they young kids say in the United States, don’t knock it until you try it.

Sababa Parce!  No worries my friend!


  1. Great post!!! I never thought Israel people and Paisa people could be so similar :D, I’m happy to hear that, Israel is one of the countries in my “one day I must visit” list 🙂

  2. Great post! I never thought Israel people could be so similar to Paisas (Medellín People). I’m happy to hear that since Israel is in my “countries I must visit one day” list 🙂

  3. Great post! I never thought Israel people could be so similar to Paisas (Medellín People). I’m happy to hear that since Israel is in my “countries I must visit one day” list 🙂

  4. Not only paisas you should go to BOyaca if you go back to Colombia there are amazing people as Nariño, Cundinamarca, and seriously the whole country, don’t say just paisas because Colombian is friendly and very nice people in everywhere and the credits has to be for all I’m saying from my experience. And there is thousands of things everyone should know about COlombia anyway good opinion!… Hope you can discover the rest, and interesting the comparison with Israel!, good post!

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