Final Frontier: Visiting All Seven Continents

Visiting all seven continents is no easy task.  What is it about our love of exploration that leads us into the unknown? Is it the old adage that the grass is always greener on the other side? Or is it just the lust for adventure and finding out what we cannot see or have yet to experience?

Lots of consistent travelers that I have met over the years strive to reach the seven continent achievement.  If there were eight or nine continents then we would strive to reach those as well.

The Europeans are known for colonizing and exploring the world.  Many do not realize at one point in history the Chinese Emperor called his Navy back from that same mission.  What would the world have been like if South America or even the United States was colonized by the Chinese?

not all who wander are lost

The endless dream of traveling deeper and deeper into space has benefited all of our lives. The number of spin-off inventions from NASA are endless.  They can be found in everything from technology to the health industry.  This must be the reason why everyone says that travel is the best teacher.

If I had to do it over again I would spend the mere $100,000 I spent borrowed from a private university to travel the world for years.  I have learned more traveling than I ever could in the classroom.

Not to say that university isn’t a good decision because it is always a good idea to have something to fall back on.  Kids… Stay in school.

I am very lucky to say that I am semiretired at 29 years old.

I will remain 29 years for some time since people act weird when you hit 30.  My profession, what I do for a living, I do not consider a job. I love what I do day trading and traveling around the world and therefore consider it just a way of life.

As I have traveled over the years my definition of both success and meaning of life have changed.

Among the big time money managers and investors there’s always the question, what’s your number?  The infamous question can be seen in the movie Wall Street 2.  Many times the number involves a lot of zeros into the hundreds of millions to be exact.

My journey traveling actually led me to the United States. As I escaped the wrath of an economic meltdown in Venezuela a new life was made in the land of opportunity.

BOOM. Six years old two continents.

Growing up in the superficial culture of the United States I yearned for what most young people yearn for; beauty, fame, and fortune.  Now my only definition of success acquires me to have my freedom. The simple concept of having enough money to not worry about money.

I did what any good son what supposed to do when I finished college.  What I wasn’t supposed to do was pick up and leave to live in Italy for nearly 2 years while I took a sabbatical from university.

20 years old three continents.

The current adventure began when I decided to leave the United States for good. Since I am able to make a living with a reliable Internet connection I didn’t have to be anywhere in the world. I didn’t want to be in the United States for both economic and cultural reasons.

Parliament Hill Ottawa

Parliament Hill in Ottawa

To ease the transition of my new nomadic lifestyle I moved to Canada which hosts a similar culture to the United States. Different enough since every Canadian is adamant about not being called American.

We are just loud, obnoxious, and fat! There are worse things in the world right?

Canada was different enough but still a first world country where I could find things easily. They also speak English in Canada, fancy that!

I happened to sell my car that I was still making $300 monthly payments to (in the USA) on the day before I left to my next destination, Argentina.

iguazu falls

The Iguazu Falls on the border of Paraguay, Argentina, and Brazil

Some of the reasons why I travel our business based. I wanted to travel to every country in South America and you there was trouble on the horizon for Argentina. I wanted to see the entire country before the economic situation began to deteriorate significantly.

Argentina is one of the most incredible countries in the world. It has everything that a tourist could ever ask for in a bite-size package.

Now Argentina is in a currency crisis. In an effort to keep the money in the country all Argentinean citizens now pay an extra 20% tax to travel outside the country.  There is great steak, did not bother learning tango, and enjoyed one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world in Buenos Aires.

My furnished apt in Buenos Aires

My furnished apt in Buenos Aires

After Argentina came Chile with a brief two week layoff in Antarctica.  An interaction with a family of  penguins ensued followed by a swim in the coldest waters in the world.

Oh, I did also witness some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world.

Four Continents.

Argentina is more European while Chile more similar to the United States. Chile happens to be the only first world country in South America.  The driest place on Earth can be found in the Atacama Desert, gorgeous snow peaked mountains, Easter island of course (which I visited just last year), and incredible landscapes in the South. Picturesque lakes and mountains in addition to efficiency is the reason why they call Chile the Switzerland of the South.

From the border of Chile I visited Bolivia and walked on water. See below.  Speechless.

Salar De Uyuni, Salar De Uyuni Bolivia, Salar Bolivia, Uyuni Bolivia, Bolivia Salar De Uyuni

Salar De Uyuni (Uyuni Salt Flat in) in Bolivia

Shortly after I found a home in Medellin, Colombia.  The city that lacks major tourist attractions makes up for it with culture and fantastic people. The city of the eternal spring hosts immaculate weather year round and one can witness incredible views as the city lies in valley of the Andes Mountains.

Colombia is nowhere near as dangerous as previously thought, I would highly recommend a visit.

I visited all three countries in South America that many people don’t even know exist, the Guianas.  The three countries on the top right of the continent nestled in between Venezuela and Brazil. All three interesting in their own right.

hindu temple, hindu temple in paramaribo, temples in paramaribo

Hindu Temple in Paramaribo, Suriname

Life in Africa began after Colombia. I was able to experience a completely unique culture by living in both Ethiopia and Kenya.

BOOM. Five Continents.

I had the pleasure to explore all of Eastern Africa; I walked and played with cheetahs and Lions, went on Safari, swam and walked on the cliff of one of the largest waterfalls in the world, and even explored ancient civilizations.

This doesn’t even begin to cover the recently opened Stone Forrest in Madagascar, Gorilla Trekking in Uganda, or feeding wild Hyenas (with my mouth).

The challenges that come from living in Africa were also experienced with Internet shortages as the rain poured, con men, and the difficulties of getting around.  I was arrested and detained in the newest country in the world, South Sudan, and even drove into Somalia (Somaliland) by the president’s adviser.

All in all, Africa is an incredible place.

petting cheetah, petting a cheetah

My walk with the Cheetahs

Fast forward to Brazil and now we are enjoying intoxicating Caipirinhas and one of the most popular beaches in the world.

Everything from Carnival, parties, to meeting new business associates happened in Rio de Janeiro. Brazil is on the rise and the World Cup is going to be just the beginning.

I was fortunate to travel from the northern coast all the way down to Florianopolis finding hidden gems along the way. What I now call the Brazilian Maldives, Jericoacoara, is an incredible sight to see.

lagoa paraiso, lagoa paraiso jericoacoara

Lagoa Paraiso (Paradise Lagoon) in the city of Jericoacoara, Brazil

For a visa run I visited Peru as well as Easter island.  Machu Picchu really is as impressive as they say it is and the serenity on Easter island is nothing like I have ever witnessed.

The only continents left on my list at this point at roughly 28 years old and 30 pounds heavier were Asia and Australia.

I lived in India for three months witnessing the extremes of the subcontinent but still needed to visit “Asia proper.”

Six Continents.

India should be one of the most visited countries in the world. The land of contrasts has so much to offer and the Taj Mahal is an indescribable majestic work of art.

To try to describe what it feels to be in its presence would be to try and re-create the Mona Lisa.  It is just not possible.

In college I had already lived in Italy and in between some of my trips I had visited London, Spain, and Germany. I have often preferred traveling to unheard of destinations rather than Europe but things change.

Before my current destination I was able to experience Jordan.  We ran a contest and not only brought someone to Jordan all expenses paid, but also provided a free one year training program to learn how to day trade with our Day Trading Academy.  Jordan was an unexpected treat and I can’t wait to share our experience there!

Singapore Rooftop Pool

The Marina Bay Sands Resort in Singapore with the infamous rooftop pool

This brings us to our current predicament. I have been in Singapore now for the better part of the few weeks and will be living here for the next month. I had a one of the best first experiences in Thailand with a yacht party by my friends at Life Before Work Travel.  The only continent left at this point is Australia.

I organized my bathers (bathing suit and Aussie lingo) and my sunnies (sunglasses and Aussie lingo) and proceeded to spend a week in Sydney.

Seven Continents.

The city has such a different vibe than any city I have been in. It’s trying to combine New York City and Asia with a sprinkle of England on the top.

Life before work travel

The Life before work travel crew in the villa in Thailand

Just a sprinkle.

Really look forward to heading back and exploring Australia in detail.  What does one do after visiting all seven continents? It isn’t easy to travel at the pace I’ve kept for the last few years.  I plan to settle down in the only place I’ve called home the last three years, Colombia.

There I will try to open my first day trading center to teach locals how to trade my money. I also will visit Ecuador and the incredible Galapagos islands.  That would complete nearly every single tourist attraction in all of South America.

It is hard to say where I will go next.

At the same time I may have some company. There is a Wandering Trader family that I plan to introduce in addition to someone named Honcho Extreme. Keyword Extreme.  Look forward to continuing to share my stories, Marcello Arrambide he and the WanderingTrader chronicles continue…..


  1. Hey Man
    Very cool i myself have been in 75 countries and 6 continents and loved the learning and experience as well.I am 48 now and still go for a couple months a year.I would love to chat more with you about some places as well as your day trading

  2. wow! thats so nice .i wonder how you make to all those places at this age .now am 23 my passion is travelling exploring new places do you think will do so.

  3. Just got back from a 12 month trip backpacking around the planet, and visiting my final continent, Antarctica!

    Looks like you know how to travel, and keep on going, and enjoy!


  4. Great job, with your travels, your blogging, and your videos! Thanks to info I found on your blog, I booked a tour to Antarctica for January through Ushuaia Turismo. Many thanks for that! After that trip is done, Australia will also be the last continent left for me to visit.

  5. Congratulations! I found you online looking for cut rate Antarctica trips. I am leaving 1.12.2014. I found a half price. I have traveled for years taking in over 100 some countries. I even worked for the Discovery Channel doing travel shows (as crew). Anything to travel. So, I want to thank you for helping me achieve my goal of the seventh continent by your website saying it was possible and affordable. Don’t ever stop the learning/traveling!

  6. I can still recall that Marina Bay Sands rooftop view. Awesome sights from up there!
    And the rooftop with the pool itself was amazing. I wish there were more like this and greener and larger.
    Pretty sure that more will appear during the next decade 😀

  7. Thank you for sharing your adventures. I will be visiting Australia and New Zealand this fall to complete my 7 continent list. Love to see the world and explore new places.

  8. Greetings from New Zealand,

    most of the world is taught that there are 5 continents (which is why there are 5 circles on the Olympic flag). What’s your source of information? Why do you say that there are 7 continents? Most of my friends in Brazil tell me that most people who went to school between Mexico and Argentina are taught that there are 5 continents, and that everything between Alaska and the Cape Horn lies within the continent of America. Therefore, Brazilians, Argentinians, Peruvians, etc, etc, are also American.

    Let’s not forget that Christopher Columbus did not set foot on what is today the continental USA.



  9. You rock Marcello. And to have accomplished so much at 29 is amazing. I applaud you. I too am a traveler on the extreme side– and more about geography than continents. Some of my main accomplishments are Mountain (Everest, only made it to camp 3), ocean (blue shark dives), desert (Sahara trek), bush (Africa), arctic (aurora photography), jungles. Been to most of Europe and other continents but like you, I don’t like the mainstream at least for long. The more remote, the better. Still have to conquer Antarctica, caves, and space and I think that will cover it. There is a trip out of Moscow that takes you up in a jet 60k feet to experience 0 gravity but it’s about 8 grand so I’m waiting on that one. If you’re interested, I’m planning a trip to Son Doong cave in Vietnam for 2015 and would love to spend it with a kindred spirit like you. Shoot me an email if you’re interested. Safe travels my friend.

  10. Marcello,

    What a great adventure! I’m so proud of you, and thanks so much for sharing these wonderful amazing adventures with us!

    Best wishes,

  11. That is amazing you traveled to so many amazing places! I have been to four continents so far, but am definitely looking forward to one day exploring Australia, Africa, and Antarctica.

    Keep living the dream and experiencing life to the fullest!

  12. Hi Marcello,

    Many, many congrats on logging all 7 continents. I still need to visit a few more. My last solo RTW of the southern hemisphere, did touch on the 4 Ends of The Earth. I have to tell you that being of the Intense World Traveler Breed, stopping isn’t really possible. Long rests – yes! And end to it? No! At 77.5, I’m getting set to start my 3rd RTW around the middle-ish (lots of up & downing) of the planet, (for 5 years, till I’m 83) and may just wind up with a Reality TV show, because I backpack/hostel alone on social security. I have a Hollywood producer working on that angle, which was his idea. It will be themed “Around The World In 80 Years.” When that happens, I’ll be looking for fellow members of this Restless Breed (you, Nomadic Matt, Janice Waugh) that we qualify for; to feature and visit and interview as I go. So, I may just come find you in Colombia……. I love that country; Medellin, in particular! And seeding the world with Day Traders is a great way to help folks in your own particular way! I hope to meet you someday! Love, Linda J. Brown

  13. You are my travel idol!! ;-)) Really enjoy reading your stories. I’m currently on a mission to travel to at least 100 countries by the time I’m 50. Heading to South America for a few months over NYE, Jan/Feb 16′, which will push me just over the 50 mark. When you make it down under, feel free to get in touch, I can recommend some amazing spots throughout the East Coast. Happy travelling! J.

  14. Pleasure to read your travel stories! I am now 28 years old, been to 28 countries and 5 continents. My last 2 continents are South America and Antarctica which I will be getting to hopefully January 2017, but first I’m going to India this fall! Thanks for offering inspiration and insight, and thanks for all the information on Antarctica!

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